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As the largest manufacturer of reflective fabric and safety vest in China, we'll share with you the latest fashion trends & news on reflective products.
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- Reflective fabric
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 Cars with some essential tools and reflective tape for a safe trip Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

This summer you plan to go on holiday by car to enjoy the scenery, make several stops to rest and discover different places without forgetting the greatest advantage of being able to carry as much luggage as you want, especially when you are with your family! But before taking the road, do not forget to equip your trunk of cars with some essential tools and reflective tape for a safe trip!


First aid kit: This is one of the essential equipment in a car. The rescue kit is very useful in dealing with some minor incidents. It should generally contain sterile compresses, plasters, soap, wipes, and a pair of scissors, mercurochrome spray, an anti-scald gel, and a bandage, an antiseptic and disinfectant solution.

The safety vest: Considered as a useless accessory by many drivers, the fluorescent colors vest (yellow, orange and pink) and reflective material can be easily spotted, in case of failure and / or accident, day and night...

The warning triangle: It is just as important as the high visibility vest. Located about thirty meters from the vehicle or the location of the incident, it warns other road users of imminent danger.


Toolbox: To store a multitude of small tools needed to repair a small breakdown. There is a series of screwdrivers of different sizes and shapes, a cross-shaped wrench, a vise grip and a jack for used cars. A spare wheel: Especially if it is a second-hand car. As its name suggests, the spare wheel is intended for short-term use. Driving with a spare wheel is then limited to a speed of 80 km / h. A flashlight: Always useful as the reflective vest in case of unexpected on the road especially during the night.


It is strongly advised to check the various levels of the car including the coolant, the brake fluid and the engine oil level and of course, the condition of the tires ... before departure. Good holidays!

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 The body will be dressed in a safety vest Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

It is the air of the terrorist time, the violence of the moment and the national direction of the civil security which advises it. Rescue services are encouraged to equip themselves more heavily for their own protection. "We do not have any equipment obligation," says Lieutenant-Colonel in safety vest. "The national doctrine does not impose, it recommends. But it is hard to imagine a director engaging his workforce with nothing "adds the crisis management specialist. The Moseley subscribes and follows in the footsteps of the departments that crossed it before it which, unlike others, did not have to host matches of the Euro 2016 football that precipitated the application of the measure.


In detail, three Magellan rescue centers, "where three teams of six men per guard, plus one nurse," were trained, will receive personal protective equipment (PPE). A pack consisting of a level 3 ballistic helmet, without reinforced visor like that of the police or gendarmerie. "It does not work on a victim." This explains the preference of the SDIS for a splinter mask that "looks a bit like ski goggles", illustrates Christophe Retinoid. "The extraction (of a victim, Ed) is physical. We made the choice of lightness and practicality. "


After the head, the body will be dressed in a reflective vest (four, in front, behind and on the flanks), of a ballistic level 4 (resistant to ammunition of war). Black with a red flocking, "it is not very visible, but enough to identify us in the field. We are on sites where many orders and where tight tactical coordination "involves knowing who is in action. At this added weight, lifeguards add lighter accessories like knee pads and cut-resistant gloves. Finally, the staff will also have on them a tourniquet to pose oneself on a member or that of a wounded comrade.


It is necessary to extend the list with the collective equipments like rigid trays and flexible stretchers on which the victim is strapped and that one can tow a few meters with a cable to put it in the shelter. The radio exchange system integrates earpieces for communication as discreet as effective in a noisy environment. "We are on agile devices to be reconfigured permanently," says Christophe Retinoid. "We have always adapted." Trained to the nuclear, radiological, biological and chemical risks (NRBC), the reliefs add a mention "terrorism" which pushes them until the paradox of being equipped like police forces to assist victims.


The adaptation of the equipment to circumstances led the Department to open an envelope of 50 000 € for the purchase of new safety equipment. The market has been launched according to precise specifications and the rescue centers concerned should not be long in coming. "There were a lot of things we already had," says Lieutenant-Colonel Retinoid, SDIS 57. The bill is therefore limited. At the same time, the SDIS has increased the so-called "Damage Control" training with its staff. An effort launched for eight months and continues to teach the greatest number of firefighters.


"Even though we changed air with Charlie, the trigger of conscience," the Bata clan had an influence on how to operate, said Lieutenant-Colonel Retinoid, SDIS 57, as Nice did too and as the next attack will likely bring a new evolution in how to intervene in risky contexts.

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 Equipped vehicle and safety vest protected employees Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Among the equipment required by the Act is the fluorescent safety vest that can be seen by other motorists, day or night, in case of emergency stop on the roadway or its surroundings. This vest must be CE approved and placed in a location easily accessible by the driver in the vehicle.


Another obligation: to have a warning triangle. As a reminder, it must be placed at least 30 meters from the vehicle or obstacle to report. In case of absence of the vest or the triangle, the employee of the company is liable to a fine of up to 750 €.

The case of the ethyl test is slightly different: chemical or electronic and imperatively standard NF *, it is also mandatory.... Except that the non-respect of this obligation is not sanctioned. After a period of shortage in the promulgation of the law, it is now possible to find pharmacy, tobacco shop, Total service stations including and insurance companies.


Anything that can contribute to employee safety is paramount. That is why it is strongly recommended to equip each company vehicle with a spare wheel and the reflective equipment to install it. In case of absence of spare wheel, the puncture-resistant bomb can be very useful. Beyond a precautionary principle, note that in case of control, the bad condition of the tires can be sanctioned by a fine of 750 € maximum doubled of immobilization of the vehicle.


The same sanction is applied, with a fine of "only" 450 €, in case of deficient or out of order fires. In the register of this small equipment that can render great service figure the lamp, preferably dynamo to prevent battery failure. To find your keys fallen on the ground at night or to guide you in the dark, it is always advisable.


Also include small wipes to wipe your windshield from the inside if your vision is disrupted, or special "plastic wipes" to maintain dashboards and door interiors. If employees have to transport customers, as much as having a clean vehicle ... and then you always feel better in a well-maintained car.


More rarely mentioned but so important in case of a serious accident to carry first aid: the pharmacy kit, the survival blanket, the hammer glass breaker, the belt cutter and the fire extinguisher. For victim drivers and their passengers, or to help another vehicle, this safety equipment can be simply vital. Note that this equipment is on sale in the shops of the vast network of Total gas stations in France and abroad.

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 Yellow safety vests are still missing at the exit of schools Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The account is not there according to the mayor (LR) of the sixth, Jean-Pierre Lecco. Thirteen days after the beginning of the school year, the elected official is worried about not seeing all the "school points" of his district under surveillance. Of the 19 in the sixth, five pedestrian without wearing reflective vest crossings near schools and deemed "dangerous" would not be required. "That's almost a quarter! The mayor of Paris had promised that everything would be ready for the start of the school year, "irritates the elected right that just sent an email on this subject to Colombes Brussels, the assistant (PS) in charge of Security.


A binding position

"There are not five but two schools that are not held in the sixth," said Mathieu Chouteau, head of the Directorate of Prevention, Security and Protection (DPSP) to the City of Paris. The latter admits, however, that supervisory posts remain to be filled. Of the 444 school points listed in the capital, forty still await the arrival of these yellow vests.


It must be said that recruitment for this very demanding position in terms of schedules is not always easy. In upscale neighborhoods in particular, candidates do not jostle for this activity paid hourly. "But we are hopeful to find new candidates among the contractors who are already working elsewhere in the schools of the Celle de Paris," says the head of the DPSP in safety vest.

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 Parents of students with safety vest want more security Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In Saint, the parents of the Marie-Joseph Catholic private school believe that the presence of a security guard is a "very modest step" to strengthen. The city is looking at it... The security system, set up by the City, around 174 public nursery and elementary schools and 16 private schools under contract, was set up at the beginning of the school year.


Quarter Saint, the parents of the Catholic private school Marie-Joseph, located close to the Church of St. Rocha; do not hide their concern and dismay.


"For the start of the school year, there was no police force in front of our school, just grandma traffic and a safety vest, as before," says Jean-Remy Evelix, parent of a student. The City acknowledges that it has had "a problem" with the private surveillance company, Hexagon, but that "everything is settled" since Friday morning, with the sending of one of their security guard in front of this school.


Except that parents of students of Marie-Joseph want more. "Without sinking into psychosis, putting a vigil, unarmed of course, in front of the only private Catholic school in this sensitive area where many young people have radicalized, is, in our opinion, a very modest measure," continues Jean, door "Parental worry, could not we beef up this device a little more, or extend the rounds of Operation Sentinel soldiers to the doors of our school?"


"Same device for all schools"

As many requests as the assistant education, Lauran intends to study closely. There is a grandpa, yellow vest for two municipal policemen or a private security officer per school group. "This device, says Lauran, is the same for all schools, whether public or private under contract."


Neon orange armband

To make the presence of private security agents more visible and reassure parents, the elected to add an accessory to their safety equipment: "We will provide them a neon orange armband, marked security."


There remains the case of schools in the sector of Moulin where the safety device, according to teachers unions, is not expected at the time of entry and exit of classes.

"This sector is classified as a priority security zone (ZSP) .According to an agreement established by the State and the prefecture of A.-M., the supervision of the schools belonging to these ZSPs is ensured by the national police. Closer to law enforcement to know what is the device that has been put in place. And we will advise. "

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