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As the largest manufacturer of reflective fabric and safety vest in China, we'll share with you the latest fashion trends & news on reflective products.
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- reflective tape
- reflective fabric
- safety vest
- reflective safety vest
- reflective uniform

- The T-shirt is a bigger shield than the bulletproof safety vest
- Officers in reflective safety vest can then use sound devices
- Running on cool and windy days with wearing reflective safety vest
- The boys rode on one bike without safety vest
- A universal reflective tape to wrap selected elements

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- Reflective fabric
- Safety vest
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Have you ever thought to your dog as a workout companion? A loyal ally is not. Moreover, not only benefit your health but also that of your dog as you move along considerably. Don't forget to take a safety vest to keep safe when you walk with it. 5 fun ideas for sports that you can do with your dog.


Want regular start moving with your dog; apply first a visit to the vet. Who can check it for possible heart, lung or other health problems? It is also important to have your dog checked by arthritis or musculoskeletal disorders. So do not go out of the blue half an hour with your dog run.

Build the duration and intensity of your workout joint gradually and make sure you keep a regular routine. Regularity is important for your dog and is an extra stick for yourself.


Walking your dog

A brisk walk with your dog is the ideal form of exercise for both man and dog. Health benefits for you: a stronger heart, lower blood pressure, more energy, strong bones and a reduced risk of depression. In dogs can walk regularly reduce the risk of behavioral problems? There is no fixed guideline exists for the length and duration a dog to walk. It's nice to work with your dog gradually working towards a goal where your pace and duration of the walk gradually increase. Besides hiking with your dog, there are also other sports possible that you can do together.

Tip: Searching for places where your dog can run free. Go For example; walk with your dog on a dog beach or in the woods. Take a reflective tape for your dog to keep it be seen and be safe.


Dog Dance

If walking you cant charm, is dancing with your dog may be for you. Yes, you read that right, dancing. Dog dancing is a sport for everyone who likes to train his or her dog and dancing and music like. The sport is suitable for all ages. Dog dancing originated from obedience exercises performed to music. Need more information about this, please take a look at the website Dutch Dog Dance Association.

Running with your dog


Running is a good way to both get rid of energy and to work towards a good condition. Find out whether your dog breed is capable of running long distances. For example, a labrador need for quite a distance run than a bulldog. This should include five-minute warm-up, run twenty minutes and five minutes cooling down.


Try as much as possible on gravel paths to walk and let your dog walk along at the same pace. Dogs are less than men and therefore less visible in traffic. Let your dog walk therefore on the side of the berm. When yous gonna run the evening it is wise to your dog to do a reflective vest or harness, so he stands out well for other traffic.


Agility Training

In this sport, it is intended that a dog track as quickly and seamlessly as possible makes a number of devices. The units are divided in (height) jumps, the interface apparatus, passages (such as, for example, a tunnel) and poles. You run with it, and guide the dog through verbal and non-verbal communication through the trail. In this training you work both on your fitness while your dog improves his coordination.



This sport is a dangerous occupation with an untrained puppy. Before you know it rolls into the bushes, because your puppy sees a bird. But skating with a lined adult dog is safe with the appropriate training. For your dog, the goal is to run next to you without pulling on the line. You can encourage this behavior by rewarding your dog when she runs into the correct position.

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