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As the largest manufacturer of reflective fabric and safety vest in China, we'll share with you the latest fashion trends & news on reflective products.
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- These two guys discovered the secret to get free anywhere

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- Reflective fabric
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 Reflective fabric significantly increases the safety Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Reflective vests, key rings, leashes and bands should be worn on the shoulder, back or knee. Such elements on the clothes significantly, because seven times, increase visibility, and thus the pedestrian safety on the road.


Around 800 children die each year in the European Union. Only in Poland, as 2012 figures show, this is about 90 children. This problem so exists and is very significant - says Newsier Lifestyle news agency Pewee, CEO of CUBE.ITG, a company that, together with rival Polish champion Kinetin, promotes children wearing reflective clothing.


Poland is in 2nd place among European Union countries in terms of the number of children dying in traffic accidents. According to a report by the Police Headquarters in Poland in 2014, there were 3210 traffic accidents involving children aged 0-14. As a result, 80 children died and over 3,500 children died. The vast majority of all accident victims among the youngest 0-6 years are vehicle occupants. In the case of the age group of 7-14 years, the majority of fatal traffic accidents were among the pedestrians.


Reflective material significantly increases the safety of pedestrians and cyclists on the road. Under the traffic law, every pedestrian is obliged to wear them, not only the child who is traveling at dusk outside the built-up area. There is a penalty of up to PLN 500 for missing a reflective item. According to the experts, the reflectors seven times increase the chance that the driver will notice the pedestrian and thus be able to slow down or safely pass it.


- Pedestrians without reflective elements, with a slight aura visible from a distance of 20 meters, with a reflective element from 150 meters to even 300 meters.

Reflective elements are considered inter alia. Waistcoats, lanyards or key chains and clogs for clothes or backpack. You can buy them in sports and paper shops, most supermarkets, health and safety stores or reflexes and gas stations. Many shops offer specially designed children's reflective animal or animal cartoon kerbings. The reflective element itself is not enough - just as important is its proper location.


- It is best to wear it on your shoulder or somewhere high on the leg. Then the driver has a chance to actually see this sign.

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 The obligation to wear reflective safety vest applies to all pedestrians Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Yesterday (18th of October) traffic policemen all day ran NURD (short for Unprotected Road Runner). The action of the Elblag road was directed at pedestrians and cyclists. Policemen paid special attention to the behavior of drivers in relation to pedestrians, but they also kept a close eye on whether pedestrians were breaking the rules of traffic. Every unprotected road user got a reflective band from the cops.


Yesterday, police discovered 27 offenses committed by cyclists and pedestrians. Among them are passing on the red light, lack of reflective elements outside the built-up area, lack of lighting in the bike or riding on a paddle. The drivers also suffered from misconduct, including crossing the pedestrian crossings.

- Pedestrians moving outside the built-up area must be equipped with reflective elements - the rules say. And it's not about sanctioning only for security, and not even the pedestrian, but the driver who sees him at the last minute can make a maneuver, "says Sgt. Marcie from the Department of Road Traffic, KMP.



Reflections are an important element in improving safety. Thanks to them, the driver sees a pedestrian or cyclist from a distance of up to 150 meters. The person without glare recognizes, however, from a distance of about 30 meters. It is therefore worth to use reflectors, keeping in mind those pedestrians, bicyclists, or motorcyclists in a car crash are always in a lost position. Thanks to the glare it is visible, thus safer on the road. The obligation to wear reflective vest applies to all pedestrians who move in the dusk outside the built-up area. This obligation does not apply to persons traveling on foot intended solely for pedestrians or on the sidewalk and in the residence zone, as pedestrians may use the full width of the road and take precedence over the vehicle.

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 The cyclists in safety vest will finish their journey Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Approximately three thousand bicycles from the entire Basin will start on 3 May from Sosnowiec railway station to Guernica and Bedzin to visit the Zelda market. In total, the route is 17.5 kilometers long. During Zelda’s absence on the critical mass map, the cyclists in safety vest will finish their journey in the oldest town of the Basin. For this popular among cyclists from the Basin and not only the event will be a return to the roots, because in the market was the Meta first edition of this event.

Cyclists from the whole Basin will meet in front of the Main Railway Station in Sosnowiec. From 13 o'clock the organizers will give away 3,000 reflective vests. - This year we have prepared them from another, more airy material. There will also be two sizes of vests available: M-ka and L-ka, says Raffia, organizer of Zombie Critical Mass.


They have to be issued until the 15th, because then the Critical Mass will set the city to the finish in the Zelda market. At the finish of cyclists as always they can count on a warm meal, it will be a pea soup. It is also a tradition to draw a bike at the finish line. This year will be ten of them. These will be city bikes prepared by Bike Atelier with reflective tape.

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 Children marching march in reflective safety vests Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Children marching march in reflective vests? From the beginning of September preschoolers and the youngest elementary students participate in the campaign "Safety of children on the road".


If we find the money, we would love to be in all the kindergartens and primary schools, from which our principals, teachers and parents call us. Interest is huge. Finally, it is about the life of the youngest, says Josef, the head of the Wace District Office of the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture.


Since the beginning of the school year, representatives of the agency's office in Wace and Police District Headquarters, with its spokesperson, a branch of the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund, with its head and pupils of the Police Mechanic and Electrical School, together with the mascot of the Silesian Police, They visit the youngest road users. Children watch the film "How do you know how to be safe on the road?", then talk about it with the invited guests. - We ask children if they know how to navigate the roads, police class students teach them how to behave when they see the accident; Children also remember the emergency phone numbers: 999 and 112.


I suspect that after such classes they have more practical skills than many adults. ARIMR presents - retro high visibility vests, wristbands, backpacks. At the end of the meeting the children make a vow that they will carefully move along the road, observing traffic rules. "We care for the youngest to be safe," Josef emphasizes. - Both on the way to school and the places where they play. Since August 31st, regulations have been in places that, after dusk, moving beyond the built-up area, have a visible reflective element. So we give away glitter to children and adults alike.


On how such an element helps and pedestrians and drivers, Josef often found out. For years he has been in the team steering the movement and securing hiking pilgrimages to Gora. - Reflective safety vests, which we always have, perfectly fulfill their role - we are visible. If by such lessons we save at least one human life, then it is worth doing a million such actions - he concludes.

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 Kindergarten with safety vest closer to nature Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Discovering the beauty of nature, listening to the sounds of nature and outdoor picnics, all in the woods - many parents dream of having a child spend their time in the kindergarten. This desire was realized in the Kindergarten No. 8 with Integration Units in Stassen. Two teachers, Justine Lisp and Kaila Kirby wear safety vest - Jacks in the integration group of 6-year-olds, are working on a kindergarten program called "Kindergarten in Kindergarten".


The child in the forest is happy

Children go to the field during the hours of the kindergarten. Expeditions are organized in places that are 2 to 10 kilometers away from the kindergarten. These places, as the preschoolers point out, are usually chosen by Ms. Joanna from the Forestry Inspectorate in Stassen, who considers them to have a great opportunity for exploration for preschoolers. Children have so far visited the Beech Reserve in the vicinity of Czarina, the forest in Suchow Manly, the beech forest in Silence, the little forest over the Carnal.


- As part of the program children go to the field during the hours of kindergarten, usually they are in the afternoon: we leave at 9 am after breakfast, in the forest we have a picnic with meal and we go back for lunch around 12.30. The expedition lasts about 3 to 3.5 hours. Now that children have learned the forest and have assessed their ability to work, we plan to extend their stay in the forest. Another trip, due to low temperature, we plan to organize with a fire - says teacher Justine, author and coordinator of the program "Delight in the kindergarten."


The exception was one of the September departures when the group went to the forest in the evening. Joanna from the Forestry Inspectorate with her husband was Joanna. Every child was under the care of their parents. Unusual atmosphere of this trip created a common fire in the clearing.


They take backpacks and curiosity of the world

Children on the expedition to the forest take their backpacks with food, carnivals, reflective vests and whistles. Trips are organized according to the applicable rules for the organization of school trips. The group, which is involved in the project, has 20 children and is an integration group attended by children with disabilities. As noted by the program implementers in each expedition to the forest is attended by at least 4-5 guardians, among whom there is always someone from the parents.


- The purpose of the program is to create space for preschool children to work in direct contact with nature. The inspiration for this initiative was Richard Lour’s book, "Last Forest Child," where I first met with the term Deficit Syndrome. The research-based author shows how much impact children have on the environment. I also saw forest nurseries with great success in Germany, few in Poland and above all in Scandinavia. I wanted to make my kindergarteners at least a little space. It turned out that in the system kindergarten it is possible, for which we greatly thank the director Alicia - says teacher Justine.


There is no scream, no plastic and limited space

During the expedition children learn about the look and names of trees, their fruits, seeds, leaves, color, they have to overcome uneven terrain, move on a very diverse background, for example barefoot, also collect "treasures", which are then used in various ways in kindergarten .


- The benefits of going to the forest are enormous, both for teachers and children. We see the relationship between children and teachers between us. Forest gives peace, fosters reflection, and uniquely combines. There is no yelling, plastic, limited space. We do not have the slightest doubt that children's stay in the forest stimulates the emotional, social, physical and cognitive development of children. They meet their fundamental needs: movement, play, acceptance, sense of security, development. The forest is a great place to meet these needs and at the best of times, because in contact with nature. And winter trips will certainly help improve our preschoolers' resilience, "says Justine in reflective clothing.


The program runs from 1 September to 30 June 2016. Developers plan to continue in the following years. Before the group of 6-year-olds still about 20 trips to the forest.

- What will they bring? We do not know. Certainly it is a good change aimed at meeting the developmental needs of children. And we certainly will not turn back and we will continue our activities, because we see that they bring a lot of good - adds the teacher.

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