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As the largest manufacturer of reflective fabric and safety vest in China, we'll share with you the latest fashion trends & news on reflective products.
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- reflective tape
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- reflective safety vest
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- Reflective fabric
- Safety vest
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Among the equipment required by the Act is the fluorescent safety vest that can be seen by other motorists, day or night, in case of emergency stop on the roadway or its surroundings. This vest must be CE approved and placed in a location easily accessible by the driver in the vehicle.


Another obligation: to have a warning triangle. As a reminder, it must be placed at least 30 meters from the vehicle or obstacle to report. In case of absence of the vest or the triangle, the employee of the company is liable to a fine of up to 750 .

The case of the ethyl test is slightly different: chemical or electronic and imperatively standard NF *, it is also mandatory.... Except that the non-respect of this obligation is not sanctioned. After a period of shortage in the promulgation of the law, it is now possible to find pharmacy, tobacco shop, Total service stations including and insurance companies.


Anything that can contribute to employee safety is paramount. That is why it is strongly recommended to equip each company vehicle with a spare wheel and the reflective equipment to install it. In case of absence of spare wheel, the puncture-resistant bomb can be very useful. Beyond a precautionary principle, note that in case of control, the bad condition of the tires can be sanctioned by a fine of 750 maximum doubled of immobilization of the vehicle.


The same sanction is applied, with a fine of "only" 450 , in case of deficient or out of order fires. In the register of this small equipment that can render great service figure the lamp, preferably dynamo to prevent battery failure. To find your keys fallen on the ground at night or to guide you in the dark, it is always advisable.


Also include small wipes to wipe your windshield from the inside if your vision is disrupted, or special "plastic wipes" to maintain dashboards and door interiors. If employees have to transport customers, as much as having a clean vehicle ... and then you always feel better in a well-maintained car.


More rarely mentioned but so important in case of a serious accident to carry first aid: the pharmacy kit, the survival blanket, the hammer glass breaker, the belt cutter and the fire extinguisher. For victim drivers and their passengers, or to help another vehicle, this safety equipment can be simply vital. Note that this equipment is on sale in the shops of the vast network of Total gas stations in France and abroad.

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