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As the largest manufacturer of reflective fabric and safety vest in China, we'll share with you the latest fashion trends & news on reflective products.
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- These two guys discovered the secret to get free anywhere

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- Reflective fabric
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It was held Wednesday morning at the headquarters of the CGIL of Rimini the second Organization of the police union conference.

It was held Wednesday morning at the headquarters of the CGIL of Rimini the second Organizational Conference of the police union Silp for CGIL. The meeting was introduced by the Provincial Secretary of Andrea category and continued with the report of the Regional Secretary Silp Daniele and with the intervention of the provincial. "In the security sector we are seeing in the last 10 years - said Daniele - a cut of 9 billion and witness an increase of 23 billion for the Defense. Instead of F35 and tanks we believe that our country has greater need of flying and flak safety jackets, in short, all those tools to enable us to fight crime in the city, to give answers to people's fears, to work, for example, the immigration phenomenon that unfortunately is transformed into a police problem and public order, while it would be an issue that should run the company. We are concerned this cut to resources as has worried us very much moving of the State Forestry Corps, from military to civilian police within the Carabinieri. And 'This is a decision that goes against the trend to the police most modern and advanced. In our opinion, or we reverse the trend and return to invest in this sector, or the citizen inevitably will suffer, will suffer the city and also we will suffer. "


In the document of the Organization Conference on "more synergies, more participation, more protection" where reference is widespread insecurity, fear of attacks, concerns about crime, the economic crisis, such as social vulnerabilities that engage the police in safety vest, stressing the strategic role that the Silp CGIL has to play in the key of social cohesion: through interaction with the CGIL categories engaged in activities related to the safety of the city; with its plans for the dissemination of legality in schools, among young people and among the most vulnerable sections of society; the continuous involvement of the social partners and with the coordination of the forces in the field and with projects that constantly follow decorum and live ability to make accessible and open places of aggregation and culture, public and private spaces.


The Conference Organization is moving in the path of the Fourth Congress of the CGIL SILP who had outlined a horizon defined and attainable for a reorganization of the Fund based on the unification of the police force in general jurisdiction, the centrality of the citizen, the efficiency of services, the elimination of duplication, streamlining of the hierarchical levels of coordination, the change of assumptions, more system resources. The modernization, for Silp CGIL also involves the review of leases, favoring state-owned real estate or better yet confiscated from the crime and the exploitation of labor, its quality and the different characteristics of the sector, implementing a full contract system of first and second level.


Graziano has referred to the social and territorial bargaining able to expand and combine the protection of citizens' rights with those of work. Is about to open the discussion on the Financial Statements of Commons, on this topic one of the proposals that emerged was to ask the Mayor of Rimini in safety clothing a meeting to discuss the age-old problem of the headquarters of the Police. More generally, even the Silp CGIL intends to make its contribution as part of collective action aimed at building a growing network and articulated able to dialogue with the whole of civil society, workers and employees, pensioners and pensioners and even more with the young people.

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