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As the largest manufacturer of reflective fabric and safety vest in China, we'll share with you the latest fashion trends & news on reflective products.
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- reflective tape
- reflective fabric
- safety vest
- reflective safety vest
- reflective uniform

- Buying circular industrial clothing
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- These two guys discovered the secret to get free anywhere
- These two guys discovered the secret to get free anywhere

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- Reflective fabric
- Safety vest
 Aachen invested in developing safety vest Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Functional reflective clothing with FR reflective tape for firefighters in action is very important. That's why the fire department Aachen has invested in new personal protective equipment (PPE). They comply with the latest standards and offer the colleagues of professional and volunteer firefighters in dangerous situations additional second safety.

Around 800 firefighters are regularly in the Imperial City in use, they rely on almost 252,500 inhabitants. "Whenever our colleagues go for others at risk, we must be sure that they are well protected", says Awe Wei, head of application engineering at the fire brigade Aachen. Two years ago, it was therefore decided to buy new reflective clothing with reflective tape and to provide the emergency services maximum safety to the highest standards.

Tested in practice

Prior to the purchase, however, was initially a complex selection and testing procedures: For one year, several jackets and trousers of different manufacturers were collected and analyzed. Finally, four models were taken shortlisted and tested with an additional two-day test paces. "During this endurance test, we wanted to know exactly - the wearer trial in gas-fired fire containers until the temperature measurement under the clothes," says White.

The result was clear: reflective safety vest outer fabric made of FR reflective tape best cut off. FR reflective tape is an inherently flame-resistant meta-agamid fiber with a particular property. When the fiber is exposed to extreme heat, it absorbs heat energy, whereby the fiber quilt and compresses the outer fabric. This offers the wearer additional protection against fire. At the same fabric is made of fibers are particularly soft and light. The high air permeability allows the dissipation of body heat from the suit and thus the reduction of heat stress.

The clothing is also distinguished by different applications, which has been specially designed with and for the fire brigade Aachen Friedrich; Managing Director of Heinrich. These innovations include an integrated restraint system for fall protection in the use of jacket and the special material structure "DEFENDER-PTFE" with a high air inclusion - as airs the best and easiest insulator.

The high quality of the clothing is characterized by a label inside the clothing that distinguishes the manufacturer as a Partner Program. These partners have privileged access to the fiber and fabric innovation from DuPont, to his technical knowledge and company-owned test equipment such as the Thermo-Man or Arc-Man. This allows a precise monitoring of the quality and performance of the finished protective clothing.

Disengagement in golden yellow

Another change is immediately recognizable at first glance: The formerly dark blue jackets and pants are now golden. "This has inter alia the advantage that we are Thanks to the bright color and the special reflective strips in the dark now even more visible."

The fact that the reflective clothes with reflective fabric proven in daily practice show the reactions of colleagues in Aachen, as White says: "Since delivery in August, we have been denied so many applications. The feedbacks that come from our Firefighters are very positive.

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 Students exercise wearing safety vest Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Friday's exercises were intended to promote road safety and first aid to victims of road accidents. This is the first event, which is also the beginning of regular events that will be held under the theme "Traffic Safety". - Exercises are organized for fourth graders who wear reflective accessories because they seem cycling card, so that the education of their communication very useful.

We want to organize another such exercise for the next school to finally come out beyond the boat and start acting also in the Lodz region - said teacher Jadwiga Tomasz, co-organizer of the event. The next stage of the event is educational meetings at schools about road safety. On Friday, Schiller Square appeared Lodz students from three schools: Elementary School No. 70 to them. Wisplike is Elementary School No. 160. Silesian Insurgents and Elementary School is No. 23. The kids could watch the acrobatic motorcycle show, and during a simulated traffic accident learn how to react to someone you know and how to give first aid. Students also were given reflective vests and armbands. Exercises organized Jadwiga Tomsk, Knight Riders Foundation, the Road Traffic Department Municipal Police Headquarters in Łódź, the Provincial Traffic Centre in Lodz. The event was also attended by Lodz motorcycle clubs


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 Police in refleReflective angel distribute reflective tape to cyclistsctive overall supervise road traffic Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Marcie - baptized the children of one of Poznan schools reflective Angel - travels around the country and urges cyclists and pedestrians to take care of visibility on the road. Marcie Stewing says that bike ride across Poland since 13 January 2009. Well remember this date because on that day it was accidental witness deductions girls. I am going through the belts. I remember that it was a two-lane road and that it was in the evening. Then the car them have lost girl, died on the spot - says Marcie Stewing, called reflective Angel. After the accident he went home, but he could not forget. He felt thirsty. On the next petrol station he bought a Coke. He remembers they were added to her glare. Then I decided that would be distributed glare and urged to ensure that being seen on the road.

He got on his bike and hit the road. Since that time, still it is on the way. To fulfill its mission that all pedestrians wear safety vest, he quit his job mechanic trucks. - Such a person like me must exist in order to set an example Stewing says about himself. First he had to ride just around Szczecin. He drove to Lublin. To Labor, where we were able to talk to him, he arrived at Nighttime critical mass. - I came here from Tarnow - says Marcie Stewing. - Although not directly, because of the Tarnow went to Warsaw and then to Bydgoszcz, then to Gdansk, Olsztyn and only to Labor. From the moment we went on tour, worn out already three bikes. - Please do not ask about how much spends the tires or chains up - he laughs. - Neither the more, how many kilometers I drove ... But the matter is kilometers, but what you are doing. Marcie stewing children baptized by one of Poznan's Angel rides with reflective vest in schools throughout the country. Now, already we have many friends, so it is with this more easily. But sometimes, too, that spends the night in a tent. You have to deal with. Although at first it was hard, it got used. Stewing meets with children in schools, with cyclists. He tells them how important it is to be visible on the road as they are needed reflectors or reflective vests. Where did it come from? By this time he had already know quite a few people. He goes to companies that produce such things, takes them from shops, petrol stations. Every now and then it goes south Polish to a company that manufactures reflective films. It takes cuttings, he takes them by bicycle across the country and distributes. To Labor also brought cuttings reflective foil, which handed out during a critical mass. You can bike or taped those clothes. They can be used to create fancy designs such Skeleton. At night, it all shines and looks great. Reflective elements lie on the shelves and practically do not sell, because people prefer to get it for free - says Stewing. - I think people do not travel in vests or helmets, because they are ashamed, because they think it looks silly. But that is not important. The bottom line is to be visible on the road. Our head is like an egg - you have to realize - Reflective says Angel. The fact that you have to be visible and take care of his own safety, he knows best. The helmet has not once saved his life. - Even with four times that I was not here - he says and shows the scars of one of the accidents, when the driver quickly overtook him and braked before the intersection. He had no time to stop now. Flew through the rear window in the car, stopped almost in the passenger seat ... About how it is on the way, what are the sins of cyclists and motorists may take a long talk. I came to Labor with a trailer, but it gave up - he says. - After your tracks you cannot ride. Apparently they are, but they are not suited to driving on rowers- driveways, curbs ... a nightmare. I wonder if it's not there to service the bicycle could make ... I do not expect from the city that the path will be perfectly flat, but that's an exaggeration. Marcie Stewing can take long exchange nightmares cyclists. - First of all, broken bottles on the road, besides pushing off the road by drivers honking, shear corners. The worst are its Sunday driving and overtaking cyclists on the mirror. Just turn the steering wheel to the left and the bike can lead to tragedy. Now Mackie also goes for Kais. This girl is a cyclist. He met her in Gdansk and says that no such person had ever met. But I do not intend to give up driving and distribution of reflective tape. - I think that if someone is born with a chain of four letters, it's him forever is - he jokes.

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 New bulletproof vest with reflective tape introduced Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

A new bulletproof vest with reflective tape for your pepper sprays canister matching polo shirt. Starting Monday get thousands of northern police in reflective uniform a new wardrobe fitted last.

The next two weeks should every day hundreds of agents to Dratted. There they fit the new kit. According to police the new uniform looks sportier than the previous one. It includes a cap, padded pants, and safety vest and safety shoes.

In June, Limburg started the introduction of the new uniform. Now agents from Groningen, Drenched and Friesland get their new clothes with reflective stripes, all Dutch police have a new suit.

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 Passenger shall wear coats with reflective fabric Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Passengers will pass before Easter A line last Friday at half past five in the afternoon and then until Tuesday morning. Passengers should wear coats with reflective fabric to assure their safety.

 The reason is the replacement of turnouts in stations and Peace Square. "It's the first time ever in the lockout will be changed once had three points (two stations in Peace Square, one on Device). The station will also exchange the original wooden sleepers," said a spokesman George Table Transport Company.

 Exclusion of such magnitude in the Prague metro held at Easter two years ago on the route C, in September of the same year for the same reason as the first time also concluded Route A.

"Making all the work during one long weekend means less interference in the operation than if individual replacements and repairs done gradually," said Urbane, director of the DPP transport.

The most exposed sites will deploy carrier these days between 8 and 21 pm a total of 25 informants in reflective vests who will advise passengers with alternative transport. Informants are available at interchanges lines B and C concourses and all indoor stations of Line A (except stations Depot and George).

Passengers to give out 30,000 information leaflets, which are also located at metro stations, surface transport vehicles or in the information display cases in the metro.

 In addition to the planned lockout now warns Radio directly at metro stations?

 "For information on the specific destination will also produce approximately 90 information panels with a schematic drawing of basic text information in Czech, English and German," said DPP spokesman.

 Daily (always from 7:00 pm to 21:00 pm), then passengers in reflective clothing can also telephone helpline traffic on 296 19 18 17.

For exclusions will be closed interchanges in the metro line A. For example, passengers will be able to pass from Musket on line B through the transfer of Wenceslas Square.

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