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As the largest manufacturer of reflective fabric and safety vest in China, we'll share with you the latest fashion trends & news on reflective products.
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- Reflective fabric
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 Life skills lessons teach the importance of reflective fabric Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Talking to Info net on this course, Nguyen Decision Thing, assistant director of communications, the Centre developed social skills, the Institute for Youth VN said, this is the 3rd year the Center link with Regiment 50 (Son, Hay Phuong) Semester military deployment.

Thing said the course helped the participants with life skills lessons and the school sport experience the group activities help children to realize the meaning of life values, and to protect themselves with reflective fabric on the road. Accordingly, 70% of the time course of child soldiers learn basic life skills specific presentation, communication, teamwork, learning, emotion, emotion management, time management, care ... adolescent health. The remaining 30% of the time you are studying under military discipline from hours to eat, sleep, rest, study must be punctual train (good discipline); Children are exposed to infantry weapons, learn commands, learn advocacy positions ...

"Attending the course has a lot of different ages from infants to 10 years old to 17 years old. Up to the present time there are about 70 children enrolled this course once 2. With the first child from his family, from parents to independently lot should inevitably overwhelmed, crestfallen. There have been cases cries of "- Mr. Win said.

Ms. Le Thu They, a bank officer said: Every son to follow two courses each army. The first time when the new sister school and 2nd grade 2 at the end of 10th grade.

"School children with reflective accessories associated with a unit in Military Zone 2 to 3 high school years at the school are required to attend at least one lock. Although the mother was going to take a course in Grade 9 before but he did not change is cu few. By now taken away it will not take away. Even I move in the course of her monastery to moral lecture but she steadfastly refused for fear of ... suffering "- They said.

The reason for her son no longer interested Cards with military semester is because, according to Ms. They was an only child so father died early, so he wrapped her grandmother always told as a child. I hardly have to do anything except to go to school. So, when I attended the first children to be 2 days grandmother was fidgety, began watching her car on-site activities like.

"Look at me self-folding blankets, and tears in his eyes when told about her claim and she was to get up on time, be trained, as gatekeepers standing guard; in only one dish lunch food, sleep without air conditioning, grandchildren grandmother ourselves but I was determined not to give abandoned children "- They said.

According to the They year, after training he proved cu motivated. Already know to take care of yourself, know yourself waking up neatly folded blankets, special know help her dry, and then folded reflective clothes storage withdrawal for each person.

"I just imagine he will maintain such routine. Who conscious, self-awareness was also only 2 weeks and then everything back into place ... where. Mother has sore neck reminds the other work, the other is barely budge. Grandmother saw then justify, only for her to make, too, it is finished, to rest her grandson. This situation properly so repeat after finishing secondary school times 2. All positive changes in 2 weeks only change alone "- They tire of telling.

Do not exceed expectations.

Unlike my son Marine, his son Nguyen Than Nam (Director of Super Vietnamese software) are quite interested in classroom experience, in which he ended cu grade 6 but joined 2 courses Army semester (first time when the 4th grade and 2nd grade year end 5).

A Nam said, after every course she has a clear change. Starting in thought, I know my parents, to share the work with adults in the house and showed the elder of two children more.

"I cannot deny the effect of this training. Obviously the child is experiencing, are living in a completely different environment with family. However, from thought to action is both a very long way but there is need to remind educational role of the family. Parents do not expect after the "walking team" 2 weeks back she completely changed, voluntarily doing things "- he stressed Nam.

According to Mr. Nam, the reason I like taking the course he is probably at an early age by his wife taught me to work. "3 year old grandson was fully prepared to go layer clothing. 4 years old sisters to wash themselves, the more they age 5, boys now more task cum baby sitter, get diapers mother support. Until grandchildren in elementary school, the house began to be assigned more. So, at the end of the semester until the military returned to her work that remains to be done. In addition, we continue to encourage if I do get the other job.

By now she has to cook the rice, boiled vegetables, fried egg bread drifting even squeeze mother. Not only do her children with safety jacket, but she also instructed her poor sister 5 years old children simple things like sweeping, folding clothes ... "- his Nam said.

From human experience he and some other friends, he said that the young South participate in life-skills courses, including military terms, is how children have more experience. But these experiences with city children cannot easily get. However, to turn these skills into practice, the lifestyle is clearly still have to rely on daily education, that depends on thinking, how the education of each family.

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 Riding a bicycle with the protection of reflective tape Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

There is nothing new or thing with which you can discuss, just a bicycle is the cheapest and thanks to many well as the best means of transport. With an unlimited period chores or unions, slowness of cycling as a mode of transport in general should not disturb us. Throughout our country you can ride a bicycle and wear reflective clothing at a very easy pace in 10 days. The bike does not need complicated websites or fuel. Directed by it does not pay for the use of highways, parking lots, it is not exposed to the image of the speed camera, so the cost of the trip itself is actually close to zero. If, however, you want to get away from the residence, and we do not have the time or opportunity for it to overcome this distance by bike is always our bus, train or car, which we can get to any place where we will start our bike trip only.

1. Panniers

You know the more things we take with him to battle, that we will be more independent. Object bike with a set of panniers and reflective bags on the handlebars, allow us to stay in our climate under a tent practically from April to October (checked empirically) in many places practically for free. In the fields of tents for bicyclists you do not have to pay at all, and only per person and tent.

On the plus side trip with panniers put cheap accommodation, the ability to break a chosen place (where there is no ban camping) and the possibility of taking one of our countless necessities such as gas stove, food, photographic equipment and navigation etc.

The biggest downside "sakwowej" Tourism is definitely the weight of the bike all their belongings. Weight with which we must fight on driveways, weight, which prevents quick and agile navigate the difficult terrain, the burden that drains from us strength and makes you choose the way around the mountain, and not by its peak. Another issue is that the more things we have with them, the easier it is something we can lose and the more we need to focus on guarding them. We will not leave the bike firmly strapped even for a moment unattended, risking the loss of quite sizeable belongings.

2. The alternative – reflective backpack

If you do not decide to ride with panniers or to the lack of racks, reluctance to bike or any other reason, we can go on a backpacking trip. It is important, however, that the reflective backpack was a typical bicycle, back ventilation system.

I cannot imagine riding a bicycle (not just on a hot day) with sackcloth made of polyester glued to the back. A good backpack, with back ventilation system and comfortable wide straps, fitted with reflectors, dozens of handheld pocket sorting our luggage, with space for maps and features a repellent cover, is a friend of the rider. Only we depend on us what it and that instead of helping us, does not begin to interfere with your driving.

Experience has traveled one thousand kilometers with a backpack just, I can say that there is nothing to save when you purchased. The backpack should fit us in every way, be comfortable, reliable and functional tool to the carriage of our entire belongings. He should also be able to be coupled to him the helmet with external straps. It makes no sense to buy a big backpack, which far exceeds the capacity of 30 liters. According to me this is the optimal capacity limit of the cycling pack. The 30 liter backpack is able wisely to pack on a few days leave in changing conditions, and its limited capacity only helps in the selection of things completely and permanently necessary.

3. What to bring?

If you do not want to overload your spine, we need to limit ourselves to only the most necessary things. Backpack with reflective tapes we take a toothbrush (some reduce it by cutting the handle, I had never done such a drastic move), civil change of clothes, two sets of underwear, cycling clothing at low temperatures, necessary toiletries in tiny "airplane" bottles , handkerchiefs, mosquito repellent, first aid kit, pepper spray, two spare inner tube, a set of brake pads (necessary when you connect disc brakes and mountain descents) pump, grease the chain, basic bike tools and it ... sleeping bag.

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 Reflective fabric for Easter protection Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Traffic Police with reflective uniform calls for caution to pedestrians so that they are not victims of a fatal accident, given that Easter is approaching, one of the most effective way is wearing clothing with reflective fabric, which will shine at night when directed by the car headlight.

In the first two months of 2015, 14 pedestrians were killed on the road, of which 10 committed a reckless action that resulted in death.

Pedestrian deaths account for 15% of road deaths in the first two months of the year. In total 68 people died and the number of pedestrians killed is only surpassed by the deaths on motorcycles (20) and cars (18).

During 2014, 56 of 355 deaths recorded at the site of road accident were pedestrians do not wear clothes with reflective tapes that were attributed responsibility for his death.

"If we see it in perspective, more people die while walking that people traveling on a bus or in a taxi, for example. It is clear that speeding claimed the lives of four pedestrians in January and February but 10 died a bad decision when to cross the street, "said the Director of the Traffic Police, Commissioner Mario Calderon.

Among the most important advice he gives the Transit Police are: to walk facing traffic, the left side of the road and wearing light or reflective clothing with light.

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 Reflective fabric increase mobility movements Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

With the improved breathability and waterproofing materials, help to maintain optimum body temperature regulation during exercise and provide protection in the event of sudden changes in weather conditions.

These products combine practical elements such as flexible reflective fabric for increased mobility movements, reflective tape for better visibility and reinforced seams that can withstand even more mileage - all for greater convenience, safety, dynamism and safety.

Technological Innovations in the latest line include the use of more water-resistant fabric, and the use of reflective strips, which are located on the inner seam of the trouser. Innovations in autumn-winter collection Levi's Commuter are: lightweight jacket Commuter Packable Shell, waterproof parka commuter Field, sweatshirt with reinforcements Commuter Rib Inset and multipurpose jacket with denim Commuter Trucker Denim - inspired by the iconic model Levi's Trucker Jacket.

Levi's Commuter reflective clothes are functional, innovative and stylish that you can wear all day.

In the salons Levi's in Poland are available for selected models collection of Levi's Commuter.

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 Government: riders shall wear a reflective safety vest Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

There is a little over 3 years; the Government announced the requirement to be equipped with a "yellow jacket" with reflective tape for all bikers and scooter riders as they travel. Faced with the outcry of the FFMC, the measure is softened by trading quietly against a simple vest Reflective armband, before finally fall by the wayside. It is in any case what was thought until earlier this year...

As part of his plan against road deaths presented January 26, 2015, the Interior Minister Bernard proposed the return of the yellow safety vest "in case of emergency stop, as is already the case for motorists.” A recommendation was formalized last Sunday, May 10, 2015, through a decree that complements the Highway Code.

It's yellow, it's ugly, it goes with nothing, but it can save your life.

The legislation will come into force on 1 January 2016, provides for the obligation for motorcyclists to have "on them or in their vehicle storage (net, safe ...)" a high visibility vest they will "bear down when their vehicle after an emergency stop, to improve their visibility." It thus puts them on par with motorists, for whom this was the case since 2008.

This obligation also applies to drivers of 3 wheel scooters and ATVs, which must also be equipped with a retro-reflective vest complies with the regulations (CE marking). Violators will face a fine of € 11 in the absence of the vest, and up to € 135 if they are caught on the side of the road without the device. You have seven months to prepare!

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