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As the largest manufacturer of reflective fabric and safety vest in China, we'll share with you the latest fashion trends & news on reflective products.
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- These two guys discovered the secret to get free anywhere

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- Reflective fabric
- Safety vest
 Nike rain jacket with reflective tapes Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

As you well know all the runners, often in winter the enemy is not the cold, but the heat; if it accumulates during the race, we inevitably stop and begin to take off layers. Explore thoroughly tested in Nike Sport Research Lab Team and elite runners, the Nike Aeroflot Hybrid Jacket with reflective tapes is designed for the runners not cool when the temperatures drop, but without being too accumulate heat.

The jacket has holes laser cut, located between the areas 800 Fill Down insulating filler. The filling is light, warm and allows great freedom of movement, while the perforations increase ventilation capacity and improve the body's natural ability to regulate the temperature dissipating excess heat. Shirt Nike Dry-FIT Wool, made of wool and polyester, is warm, breathable and absorb perspiration transferring it to the reflective fabric surface, where it evaporates quickly. Nike Hybrid Jacket Aero loft helps runners stay warm ... but not much.

Rain Jacket Nike Runner

Whether a light drizzle or a downpour, the secret to run away longer when it rains is simple: stay dry and cool. Rain Jacket Nike Runner is designed to help runners run more kilometers in the rain, but not too much heat buildup. Laminated nylon fabric jacket has sealed seams to resist wind and water (up to 10 000 mm), while the front and rear openings of ventilation help to increase airflow and breathability. The stylish jacket design incorporates articulated sleeves allow great freedom of movement following the profile of the arms, while the removable hood can be folded and stored in the back pocket. Flash Pack Nike shoes and Nike safety clothing Jacket Shield Max Flash, Flash Tight Nike, Nike and Nike Aero loft Hybrid Jacket Rain Jacket Runner nike.com be available in early October.

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 Assistants carry out checks of truancy in safety vest Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Town from the project, funded by the grant program of the Ministry of Interior, will alleviate tensions between the majority and the minority.

Assistants wearing reflective vest will circumvent the socially excluded localities near the station, but also around the small and large Tesco so disrupted "local customs" and to stop anti-social mob on the streets and harass passersby.

"We want the assistants to carry out checks of truancy, parents covered. They will therefore verify whether they are children who wear safety vest with reflective tapes are reported to sickness, really sick. This information is then transmitted to the social workers union, "explained the manager of crime prevention Jeri Cohort (SPP).

Their work will also oversee order in troubled areas so as to improve their cleanliness and appearance.

"Four assistants will not solve all the problems in the field of crime prevention, but it is the foundation stone on which will be followed by other projects, and they have a broader scope. We will endeavor to create space for long-term unemployed under the technical services, "he added.
Reflective vests as uniform

City begins with the selection of assistant's crime prevention during April. Operate in the streets of Perrot will begin from May.

"We anticipate that it will be Roma, but it is not a condition. The basic prerequisite is a criminal record and a good knowledge of the situation in socially excluded localities, and even on the level of families, "mentioned.

Assistants know people so that they will be wearing yellow reflective vests marked. Propulsion is the mentor from the ranks of the Metropolitan Police.

"One of the officers with reflective uniform will be specifically earmarked for it to oversee the activities of these assistants. Preliminary count that will be based in the former district police department at the station, "explained the director of the Municipal Police in Perrot Omar Authentic Teriyaki.

Roma have allegedly a place of great interest.

And what is this work among the Roma interested?

Experience the nearby border show that should not be a problem to get the right people - the Roma are apparently a similar job opportunity literally fighting.

But the new city will be assistants to choose carefully so as to avoid stepping next door. The cost of this project is the end of the year 647,000 crowns, ten percent paid by the city.

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 Firefighter gear with reflective tape for marathon Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The curiosity took care "toughest fireman in the world," Herbert Kern, who completed the half marathon in full firefighting gear, including helmets with reflective tape and called for collection on children with cancer and diseases of butterfly wings. The track ran at 1:55:57 hours.

Marathon takes into account more than 130 000 spectators.

How much is too much for the Philharmonic?

Linzer daily expenses are reflected on the fact that during a concert by the Vienna Philharmonic in the Brucknerhaus was "surprisingly large" seats, especially expensive, empty. "There is terrific Austrian orchestra, one of the best in the world, sufficient incentive to attack coffers, or 55 to 120 Euros for a ticket just too?” he asks.

He says that too it might be hard for the audience who do not wear safety clothing, but not for the organizers, who even at these prices and the full House earned - 'Rolls-Royce, and the Viennese Philharmonic are "still has its price. However, it is piquant that in Upper Austria does not sell its concert so for weeks ahead posters announcing "sold out". Or that name like Christophe Achenbach Leonia’s Kalakos and was little known in our country? List continues.

"A lot is not every pop," he writes, and notes that in many places abroad are now threatened by dissolution of orchestras and opera houses are facing closure. This should lead to consider whether - and at what cost - the public must have access to all arts kind. It is a challenge not only by on public places as provider of subsidies and companies as sponsors, but also with each individual. "Political will is not enough, unless the offer accepted," says the daily. "And when the concert by the Vienna Philharmonic draws or one per mile, i.e. 1400 to capacity hall, then it should sound the alarm ..."

Crowded on the Danube

When the 17th annual "Red total" of cyclists on routes along the Danube from Passau to Shogun the exclusion of motorists with safety jacket on Sunday on the road we have released more than 25,000 Kola. As we reported, the event united all twelve towns and villages eighty kilometers of the river. The organizers took care of the atmosphere of a big popular celebration with a wide selection of refreshments of all kinds and cultural programs. "The highlight for the region, however, was the official launch of the construction completion of the last of the missing section of the Danube Road, five kilometers between," the letter says on. To be completed within five years, and comes about a kilometer to one million Euros.
"But it is an investment for the future," he adds, referring to the list that year after the trail from Passau to Sheinberg rides 600,000 cyclists.

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 Accessories made of reflective fabric attract our attention Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

During the Mobile World Congress we could talk with people from Microsoft about their accessories made of reflective fabric, which we all love because they are always very attractive and colorful, and in this post we talked about it.

Microsoft today presents its new headset, following the Comfort, now we get the Hoop, manufactured by Cloud, a brand that has long gone hand in hand with musical reflective accessories for Lamia phones.

His name is given because you can adjust the cord to protrude through the handset, so if you while you run it engages in any part of your clothes, not the headset from your ear will, but simply pull the excess cable.

They are ideal headphones for sports because they are resistant to sweat, water splashes and dust. It has a curious detail is that its cable is reflective material.

Unlike the Comfort, they have three buttons: volume up, volume down and play-pause. They will be available in 3 colors: green, orange and black.

An interesting detail Cloud headphone with reflective element is carrying a small hook at the end that allows the cable collected to avoid the typical entanglements that always occur with headphones of this type to take them out of pocket. Its price is 29 .

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 Pedestrians without safety vest are in danger Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Lithuanian traffic police service informs that during the week of January 9-15 (Friday-Thursday), the country's roads, preliminary data, there was 54 accidents. Seven killed in road users: pedestrians without safety vest, three, three drivers, one passenger (four women and three men). Their average age is 67 years old ERI.

During the week, the country's road accident which occurred wounded 62 people, including five minors.

Drunk drivers preliminary police data, participated in 5 events.

Until January 16th Lithuania accidents killed 9 people, 5 less than last year over the same period. Among the dead: 4 pedestrians, four drivers, one passenger.

Angelina region, village, on the road into oncoming traffic lane after entering the car Peugeot Partner, driven by 55-year-old man, crashed into the side of a 31 year old woman driving a car " Audi A4 and capsized. Accident suffered three Peugeot passengers who wear the coats without reflective tapes: 50 years for women broken left hand, 85-year-old man hospitalized in serious condition in the town of hospital intensive care unit, and 84 years after a woman died in the hospital a couple of hours. Both car drivers, preliminary data, were sober.

Event injured 21 year-old girl admitted to the Tauragė County hospital casualty department. By car drove another two drunken 20 and 22 year old boys. They regulate the 1.59 and 2.16 parts per million. Explain who was driving the vehicle.

Debate of the area, rural area on the road s at snow covered and slippery pavement, 25 years from Vilnius, driving a passenger car BMW X5, did not choose safe speed and lose control. The car entered the oncoming traffic lane, collided with the car VW Pass at. The latter hit the car driver 36 years (taken to Kaunas clinics).

January 12th, on Monday, traffic accidents killed 3 people. Parasail vernacular rural area on the road Kaunas-Parasail-Daugavpils, 51 years driven by a resident of Vilnius district bus "Nolan N 1116, poor visibility (snow), hit by a roadway preceding 61 years old pedestrian, Parasail city resident. Woman killed (in the dark, she did not have any reflective elements).

Mazeikiai region, Reaves village, on the road Seda-Renavo-Židikai, has gone down car Audi 80 ". His driver of 40 years old man, a resident of the district killed.

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