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As the largest manufacturer of reflective fabric and safety vest in China, we'll share with you the latest fashion trends & news on reflective products.
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- reflective tape
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- reflective safety vest
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- How to use reflective accessories correctly
- Reflective tape can save your life
- How many emergency safety vests do you have to carry in the car
- Drivers receive reflective safety vests
- Safety vest propose to include motorcycles and bicycles

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- Reflective fabric
- Safety vest
 Starlight backpack with reflective tape Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

CE approval, comfort straps with reflective tape, volume of 30 liters. Buster presents its new Starlight reflective backbag for bikers eager to be visible. We all know bikers are more vulnerable on the road and be visible ensures that drivers notice the presence of two-wheelers.

The baggage in fact incorporates a LED system illuminates when the bike brakes. The equipment consists of a transmitter and a receiver placed inside the cover of the backpack. While most motorcycle backpacks are now equipped with reflective strips. Buster proposes a more visible alternative means of LEDs. In addition, two connection fittings are installed on the son of the stop lamp. Thus, when the rider most needs to be visible, the lights illuminate to signal its presence. Operating with four 1.5 V batteries, this system is CE. Visibility is complemented by straps equipped with retro reflective tape.

Up to 30 liters, the bag has two zippered side pockets. The luggage has a rain cover, stored in a pocket under the bag, do nothing preventing the use of the luminous device. Thus, the system is usable even in rainy weather.

Starlight back Buster bag Features:

1. Thermo-compressed cover

2. Comfort straps with retro reflective tapes

3. Dos comfort with foam pads

4. Rain cover - does not prevent the use of the light device in the rain.

5. 2 zipped side pockets

6. CE approval

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 Riding to work in reflective vest Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Rain or shine, summer or winter, Marc Samar mounts his bicycle and wear reflective vest to get to work and back. And he always wears the vest with reflective tape. Not when we know that man lives in Saint-Creasier and works in Saint-Hyacinthe, assiduously pedaling 55 kilometers a day.

It adopted this habit there are three and a half years after being on a photo. "I was 35. When I realized, it gave me a shock. I really was not in shape, I was fat, I was smoking, I was of the high pressure. The large kit! ", He says.

This image of him was the trigger for a serious awareness and above all the urgency to take care of his health. Gradually, he traded his car for the bicycle. "Each barrier has fallen one after the other."

Today, at 39 - and lighter than sixty books - the Creasier is in great shape.

And convey bike became for him a way of life that allows her to combine physical exercise with how-to. Instead of attending a fitness center after his workday, he trains morning and evening bike. And reflective clothing makes him visible.

"When I have a good tail wind, it takes me 55 minutes, but when I have the wind in your face, its 1 am 30." One might think that such days are exhausting for Mr. Samar, who works at a car dealership. It's just the opposite. "It gives me energy!"

To enjoy long weekends, our man works four days a week.

"I know that the risks are there, but I prefer not to think about it and go anyway. I do not feel threatened; motorists are courteous, "he said, specifying that has all the equipment necessary for his protection: helmet, reflective strips, flashing, everything is there. "And I respect the Highway Code."

"I'm lucky, it's ever happened to me, he says. Oh no, that's wrong, I did fall once, because I admired the full moon! "

This is indeed one of the many benefits these rides her bike: the beauty of the night sky, when it rolls to the sound of his music. "I carry only a listener. The other ear is always open to hear traffic. "And no matter the pace he chooses to listen, his legs flying their own measure, at an average cruise speed of 30 km / hour, according to the force and the wind direction.

He even loves pedaling in the rain. Again, everything is a matter of equipment. "With good reflective clothes, it's nice. And in summer, the rain, it's refreshing. "

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 Notes for boarding on bus: reflective vest needed Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

On the climb, you need: get at least five minutes early and never wait for the bus to cross the road. Wait opening the door to advance to the car and taking up his bag in front.

In the car, there must be a seatbelt if the seat is equipped (mandatory since 2003). And don’t forget to bring a refelctive vest with you in car (mandatory since 2013).

A lowering of the bus, wait complete stop before leaving his place and loosen his belt and never cross the street before leaving the bus. You can also wear a reflective vest or any other clothing with reflective tape to enable yourself be seen easier.

Finally one last tip: Show him the dangers of the route; repeat it several times with him. He must bring the reflective clothing with him. Before the "drop" all alone, a little test is needed: this time it is for him to guide you! Check while all learning has been acquired.

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 Dog jacket with reflective tape becomes popular Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The Dog Coat is the latest accessory of the four-legged friend at nasty weather, and better with reflective tape to enhance the nighttime visibility. Meanwhile, there's even cheeky hood or maritime Knitted Sweaters with striped pattern for mops and Co., depending on the preference of master or mistress.

The Federal Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons recommends the weatherproof reflective pet jacket even on its website, provided the animal has short fur. Our newspaper has traced the trends in dog fashion in Altenholz and Eckernförde.

Lea is a proud Spaniard. Her head bears raised high when waiting for mistress in front of a store. The Dalmatian mixed breed dog is just well-behaved. "They must put the mantle," says their keeper Annett Ciechowski from Altenholz. "Otherwise she gets what way." What is not alone because my mistress she has saved over the Internet from a Spanish shelter before euthanasia and Leah grew up as a puppy with dry heat and sunshine? The six year old female has an extremely short vest without warming reflective clothing. "With that she is as vulnerable as we in this weather, if we walk around in T-shirt in sleet," affirms Ciechowski.

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 Quality control of protective clothing with reflective fabric Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

"Particularly welcome are Einnäher and applications of reflective jackets, as with references to material quality, or other things like spine labels, identify the reflective material as a firefighting garment," says Wild rube. The "raw material" is replaced by the project group Germany. "First there was skepticism, but now our products are well received and it has become common knowledge that we up cycle old reflective protective clothing," says Banner. Before the protective clothing can be processed, they will be frozen and dry-cleaned to kill bacteria and remove dirt.

Use safety jackets also come from Berlin

All garments that arrive in the new workshop are first broken down into the tailor shop into its individual parts. "Naked" material, reflective stripes and Einnäher, even carabineer (of discarded jackets for example, from Berlin) are stored separately. From the pool, the staff then conjures up the bags. The fabric of a jacket is enough for an iPad case and about 20 iPhone Cases and various key chains.

Crime writer Andreas Richter helped the team of Hindi @ pp in the advertising copy for flyer and website. "A lot of support and a lot of friendship prices have helped us in our professional image," sums Banner. The responsible seamstress and six employees of tailoring have now thanks to "Hindi @ PP" to do well. The latest trend is for example an iPad case from the reflective fabric of old orange safety jackets. "And with our ideas, we are still far from the end," says Diana Strohbusch.

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