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As the largest manufacturer of reflective fabric and safety vest in China, we'll share with you the latest fashion trends & news on reflective products.
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- These two guys discovered the secret to get free anywhere

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- Reflective fabric
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 Snow on the car and without reflective element will face a fine Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

  Mandatory cleaning cars from ice and snow, pedestrians with reflective elements and the possibility objet cyclist on the full line - these are the changes that wants to bring an amendment to the Road Traffic Act. We dropped it but some of the planned rules for cyclists, told MF Dnes BESIP boss Martin Parsons.

    What sanctions threaten pedestrians if he does not have reflective elements, and the driver in the event of non-adjusted car from snow and ice?

    In the case of vehicles unadjusted there is a sanction to two thousand crowns on the spot, in the case of administrative proceedings to 2500 crowns. Regarding the obligation for pedestrians, so there will also be sanctions, but it's all there in the event of accident investigations on steps that facilitate decision making for the authorities.


    Must the obligation to eliminate snow and ice from the car strictly defined in the law, when, according to our debater already be fine for this? It's not just about useless nagging drivers?

    Posts in the discussion below the article on iDNES.cz I read, and I think that whoever your car clean and has no problem with that, I must say that this is nonsense, because introducing the thing that is clear. But just like humans amendment does not restrict. A man who does not do so would be to learn from it and take in what only the best. This is not an issue of it, to do something to someone prescriptive. It is the result of the work that comes from experience, when there was constant debate whether there is snow and ice on the car okay or not.

    It is, of course, say that the instrument is in the law, but the police have a big problem to recover. If it is clearly defined what should be the vehicle before driving done, thus, for example, scraping windows to good visibility, which is one of the most important elements of active safety, so it is absolutely justified. For it is very annoying when in front of you in the winter, the vehicle that the roof higher layer of snow, and at higher speeds it gradually falls off. And because there was a need to also discuss whether the driver's view of matters fragrant tree on the mirror or something else at the window, then I personally think that strict definition will help what we all want, and that is that traffic is safer.

I would like to emphasize that all these are not the only consideration, because it is not a law signed by the president, but a proposal for inter-departmental management. So it's not good coin and the other thing is whether it follows finally come out in the Act.

    You agree that drivers are required to unload cars from snow and ice?

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 More pedestrian without reflective vest dies in the autumn Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Autumn is a very critical period in terms of the tragic deaths of pedestrians. After a collision with a car more of them die twice over the summer. So the reflective vest for the pedestrians is very important.
Day becomes shorter and longer in the afternoon getting visibility greatly reduced. Pedestrian who do not wearing reflective clothing goes after the transition or edge of the road, and virtually invisible him notice the driver until the last minute.
Since the last weekend of October, when the watch hands moved an hour back in the afternoon and significantly shortened, the situation worsened. Now at reduced visibility has suffered in Monday evening a pair of pedestrians who do not wear safety vest on Licorice. In the accident, about which we write in another place, one of them died.
According to the organization be sip they have long been the most problematic categories of persons killed more pedestrians who do not in reflective coat at night. In 2013, 80 pedestrians were killed at night, which is 59.7 percent.
"The laws of nature do not deceive. When the driver see pedestrians do not in reflective clothing at 18 meters (dark clothing) and to react in time, needs 31 meters and is almost clear of conflict and, unfortunately, at a speed of 75 km / h, it is obvious that it will be a very serious accident, "he said on Be sip their site.
The Act currently only remembers the safety of cyclists who must use the dark lighting and reflective jacket. For pedestrians still obligation lights or reflective element label does not apply.
Darkness is risky for cyclists, although slightly less. According Be sip last year every fourth cyclist died during the night.
I want to be seen!
"In accidents where the participant is a pedestrian or cyclist, the consequences are much riskier than the passenger in the vehicle," says police spokesman Jan Tsiolkovsky who in reflective uniform with reflective tape.
Now to the issue of the most vulnerable victims of traffic accidents are now focused campaign officers of the. Pedestrians and cyclists in addition to important information will receive an information leaflet from be sip and especially from a meeting with a police officer will carry a quick reflective tape.
"It's a yellow tape 5 cm wide, of various lengths with a reflective stripe in the middle, which the wearer more visible reflective cloth both day and night, up to 200 meters. During the campaign, police dealt almost 2,000 of these tapes, "said Jan Tsiolkovsky.

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 Put reflective tape on your garments Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Business Insider comments on the latest trends in clothing with reflective tape for sports.
In these days of 'casual wear', the world of sport and style are coming together like never before.
Look around you the next time you meet with friends for a casual meal and notice how many are entering their casual attire clothes before they might have been regarded as exclusive clothing for sports.
In both athletic and new materials and designs silhouettes adhere to the conventional world of fashion, fitness revolution is having an effect on the dress out of the sport.
In the same way, fashion is influencing sportswear it is now possible to look 'cool' when you're sweating. This is important because a) the gym is apparently the new point to meet people and b) if it is not there to socialize, you're likely to meet someone who knows due to the proximity of his gym to your home or workplace.
2XU, Melbourne-based firm focuses on flexibility and compression, which is the key to a quick recovery. This garment is made of an antibacterial reflective material. We recommend that you put up a pair of shorts to not be alarmed passersby.
Running shorts.
Made of soft and reflective fabric featherweight with a breathable lining, these shorts are perfect for Road running. The British brand bears the name of the track in Oxford, where the mark of the four-minute mile was broken in 1954.
This tight Canadian manufacturer jacket is made of ultra light fabric, tear resistant, breathable, and waterproof and wind. In addition to the type net underarm panels that help regulate the temperature.
These averages are grooved and has cushioning to help absorb some of the impact, they are also made of Dri-FIT fabric that helps prevent sweat and odor.
Patented by Athletic Propulsion Labs, the mechanism of this shoe allows athletes to jump higher and run faster, to the point that they were banned by the NBA because they gave the players an unfair advantage.
This lightweight polo shirt features or perforated panels to remove perspiration where you need it most. Its hidden zippered pockets on the back are perfect for storing small items like keys or gym card, and subtle reflective prints will be very useful if you like to go jogging at night.

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 Reflective tape are valuable for your bike Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Cycling in the city may well have the advantage of being both environmentally friendly and allow us to play sports, once night falls, this can be dangerous. Indeed, reflective tape or small lights installed on the bikes are not always enough to attract the attention of motorists and thus avoid accidents.
That is why this group of friends decided to invent lights both useful and fun.
Thus, these bright silicone testicles resist rain and, once installed behind the saddle of your bike, they will swing merrily on the go. It is precisely this movement that will attract the attention of other drivers more so that through the shell of silicone, the LED illuminates a larger area than conventional lights. Meanwhile, reflective vest is also useful.
The "Bike Balls" have also three different lighting modes, which can be activated by simple pressure. Having obtained the necessary funding for their creation, the "Bike Balls" are already available to them. USE the bike balls and wear the safety vest are double security.

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 Reflective vest enable you to cycle safely Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

For fun or for the love of sport, cycling is always a part of our daily lives. But remember to take safety vest when you cycling. From childhood, we like to saddle up and give pedal strokes to enjoy the joys of the outdoors and excursions at our own pace.

Cycling, what is it?

Cycling is one of the most popular sports. Who never climbed on a bike? And no need to be emeritus sports to practice cycling. It is a sport accessible to all. A bike with reflective tape, a reflective jacket, a good saddle, a small sense of balance, and that is good, we can start on the road. Cycling is to cover a distance using a bike by pressing a pedal.

Benefits and cons-indications of cycling

Cycling can be practiced at any age, whatever our physical condition. Cycling is a very complete sport. It exercises part of the body, especially the calves and thighs. Cycling is much nicer than the exercises in class, cycling leg muscle like no other sport. It can replace the car for short trips and thus participate in the maintenance of a dynamic figure and shapely. Cycling regularly is great for endurance and for the heart. If you have back pain, semi-bent position on the bicycle can accentuate, and any type of joint pain.

Equipment needed to cycling

A bike is obviously necessary to the practice of cycling. There is for all budgets, the price differs depending on the comfort, the look or functionality that cycling offers. To prevent painful buttocks, a gel saddle can replace the original seat. Wearing a helmet and reflective clothing makes pedaling safely.

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