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As the largest manufacturer of reflective fabric and safety vest in China, we'll share with you the latest fashion trends & news on reflective products.
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- reflective tape
- reflective fabric
- safety vest
- reflective safety vest
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- Buying circular industrial clothing
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- Let yourself be seen on a motorcycle!
- These two guys discovered the secret to get free anywhere
- These two guys discovered the secret to get free anywhere

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- Reflective fabric
- Safety vest
 Puma Boots GTX 500 with reflective tape Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

GoreTex membrane, reflective band, tibia and foot reinforcements, Puma 500 GTX boots, Gore-Tex version of the 500 and replaces the Desmo GTX


The faBottes Puma Puma 500 GTXbricant, much known for its position in the sports apparel market is also interested in motorcycle equipment. His new boot model 500 GTX Gore Tex is a version of the boot Puma 500 and also replaces the Desmo GTX. Recovering the assets of the old model found on the GTX 500, the famous Gore Tex membrane that provides excellent sealing and a very good breathability, for driving under all times.


Safety is also required. The boots are equipped with protection from heel to ankle. A hard plastic reinforcement is on the ankle as well as TPU reinforcements around and on the foot. This new version also offers better security now with reflective tape.


The Rider comfort is not forgotten. The 500 GTX enjoy a bellows insert positioned in front and behind the ankle thus supporting the flexion of the foot when driving such as walking. Finally threading and closing the model is done by means of a zip supplemented with a wide Velcro on the inner face of the rod.


The lining has many padded areas. The insole is ventilated and antibacterial for the greater welfare of the driver.

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 Reflective tape appear in September CZECHDESIGN Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In other nonprofits CzechDesign tips to learn especially about the new design competitions, which you prepared in September, but the new design of the portal. And at the end of something on how to write letters, to be trendy.    

Our first attracted to the invitation, already the third, site-specific exhibition featuring emerging art called ROOMS III invited from 19 - 28.09 In addition to the work of young architects who get to have one empty room, and will be up to them how it morphed this event exposes one of otherwise unused palaces in Prague.    

The first of the competitions, 3M Design Innovation Award, invites Czech designers to search for new and innovative use of reflective tape Diamond Grade, which finds application currently only in the safety of road traffic, its possible uses, however, are unknown. The reward for the winner of the competition so be in addition to the financial award is also the opportunity to present its proposal at the festival Czech innovation and support for the eventual implementation of the project.
    Another, equally interesting opportunity for young designers in 30 years, the competition is mysteriously named Werk Design, beneath which hides a challenge to the involvement of industrial materials such as iron or steel in the new design context. The competition deadline after Christmas promises to give away more financial awards in two categories.
    Beginning of school year has brought people of Prague as well as one new location suitable for the study of night owls, and for the first coffee morning person. Scholar-cafe Cafedu attracts visitors pleasant environment, which combines tourism with a quiet café nonstop study and it now at center stage, behind the National Museum. You will be given something small to eat, wifi and after registration and free access to the reading room where you bought extra stuff in the cafe, you may take it with you.    

Wondering how a font and how to create the trendiest? What are bestsellers in common? Students of the Studio of Typography from Prague UMPRUM know it from 24 September to 7 November represent your project corresponding to these questions in GALLERY CzechDesign. The exhibition project copyright fonts -Bestsellers- 12 students won the competition 38 exhibition projects in the Open Call, hosted by the gallery in the spring of this year. Come and see!    

Designers are looking for employment opportunities and practical information for your practice? CzechDesign from October starts a new website, which will not only present their activities, but it is useful information for you. On his coming those who are looking for designers. Pages offer a unique picture gallery of products from Czech designers, which you can browse and choose based on your preferences. We specialize in particular, as the name suggests, designers professionals.

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 The 10 rules of jogging in winter Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

You jog in the cold? Well Done. You are brave. But the breakdown, angina or colds quickly arrived. To avoid them, hang on your fridge these 10 rules of the physical trainer, Christophe Boulanger, race specialist on foot.


Rule # 1: take the temperature

After finding the motivation to run under 0 degrees and before going, we look out the window to feel what he is waiting for us outside. Wind, rain, cold, weather conditions will determine our outfit from head to feet.

Rule # 2: Multi-layers to the upper body

It is advisable to wear several layers of reflective clothing to keep both warm and highly visible, formal prohibition to run in two t-shirts in cotton and a hoodie. We adopt the multi-layer system, for good insulation in the cold. The first layer, slinky, must be a breathable material, consisting of technical fabrics; it is called "second skin". It allows perspiration to escape and then keep the heat and keep the body dry. To find any outlet in sports technical clothing, such as perforated reflective fabric. In the second layer, a long-sleeved shirt, ample, which will keep the heat absorbing perspiration? Remove a layer if it starts to get too hot. Do not forget to cover during the recovery time.

Rule # 3: tights for the lower body

The ideal is to invest in a running tights, breathable and slightly thicker. It will keep the muscles at the right temperature and reduce the risk of breakdown. It will warm in early trading and evacuate sweat in mid-session. One flees the old jogging double coat that makes us two sizes and sweat without wicking.

Rule # 4: Beware sneakers

The equipment depends on the training ground. If we run through the woods or parks, the preferred footwear "trail", often used in the mountains, with rubber spikes that do not store the earth underfoot and are waterproof. For jogging on asphalt, opt for sneakers classic runnings. The ideal is to go to the store and seek advice based on its needs and its business.

Rule 5: protect the ends of the body

It is through the "ends", ears, hands and head, the body cools most. Remember the college athletics sessions in December, and that feeling of losing your ears from the cold ... Desperate times, desperate measures. When temperatures are close to zero, we put breathable gloves, silk or lightweight fleece. For the head, a cap, still breathing, or a headband. We do not forget either to protect the lips, dry quickly with the wind and sweating, applying a mountain balm.

Rule # 6: Avoid K-Way and scarf

If it rains or if the temperatures are very low, a third layer is threaded. But never K-Way that will soon hot. Instead, opt for a running windbreaker, which block the cold and evacuate moisture from the body with breathable materials. No scarf either, but it will transpire moisture wicking provided. Prefer windbreakers models dating back to protect the neck and throat, Gore-Tex for example, a breathable but waterproof fabric.

Rule # 7: hydrate 

Needless to drink as cold, and we will therefore not much sweat? Error. The body compensates for the cold arrived in the lungs during breathing, he perspires to warm up, so it loses water. If you do not want to lug a bottle for a run between 25 and 40 minutes, it is better to drink several glasses of water before you go. For longer jogging, it ensures the presence of water points, or it takes a water bottle.

Rule 8: adapting its heating and stretching 

Winter warm-up will be slower than the summer jogging. We spend about fifteen minutes to warm up. We take time to start the race crescendo in time to mount and run faster then. We do not stretch before jogging because the muscle is not prepared, but then once back, away from the cold.

Rule # 9: Ensure eat

If one is rather in the morning, it is advisable to run two hours after breakfast lunch. It also takes a cereal bar on themselves, because the cold increases the need for calories. If we run during the lunch break, we do not leave hungry. Again a cereal bar will do, along with an apple or a banana half (rich in magnesium, it prevents cramps and aches). For joggers evening, if a snack has already been taken, to 16 or 17 hours, no need to eat again.

Rule # 10: Think Safety

One evening or morning run in winter often means running at night. For maximum safety, we do not forget to see and be seen, especially in the countryside where the street is not always enlightened. For this, a  safety vest with reflective strips or a technical garment with LED bulbs directly integrated in the ankles or arms protect you careless motorists.

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 Testing the Chinastars Bike reflective Jacket Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Through a unique reflective fabric, Chinastars Bike Jacket offers maximum visibility in low light conditions.

The designers are dedicated to the implementation of this corporate philosophy is to "give the best of oneself" to give birth to totally amazing sporting goods for triathlon, cycling, running, swimming, training and even for your entertainment!


In 2014, the brand breaks new ground in rain and reflective equipment. It is true that being visible when driving at night, or even just in low light conditions is a concern for most cyclists. Whether for commuting or night workouts after work for the brave, be seen by other road users is something to take seriously. With this security objective Sugoi launched its reflective range which includes the Zap Bike Jacket.


This jacket is made of 60% polyester, 15% polyurethane and 25% reflective material (Micro-Glass Beads in English or translated as "glass beads"). For the jacket is fully reflective, the brand has chosen to leave the usual reflective strips aside for the benefit of many small raised dots distributed on all sides of the garment. This technological fabric is called Pixel.

In addition to being visible at night when artificial light is directed towards her, the jacket is fully waterproof and windproof. It is also equipped with zip front with waterproof sealed seams and a back pocket with a velcro making easy access even with gloves. This is extended to the rear to better cover the back against splashes of the rear wheel. Inside the jacket is lined with a net creating a breathable appearance. The collar of the jacket is lined with a softer polyester to prevent irritation of the neck. Sugoi used for this jacket technology "Semi fit" that offers a slim fit jacket for not having a flag effect or parachute, but to be loose enough to wear layers of clothing under it.


During the trial period, we have seen the effectiveness of reflective materials. We were able to conduct training rides in the fog, rain, snow and even at night safely. The reflection of light is increased when the jacket is wet with a gloss phenomenon, which is also beneficial since weather conditions where visibility is most restricted are particularly wet conditions. Speaking of moisture, Zap Bike Jacket is remarkably seal. It is possible to drive several hours, without the water passes through the membrane, however that said very waterproof, breathable said little. Indeed, the moisture released by the body tends to remain inside the jacket. We can still see the positive because even if you end up wet, the jacket keeps the correct temperature. This allowed us to roll by -2 degrees with a simple technical breathable shirt with long sleeves under the jacket. Adverse weather conditions are regularly accompanied by cold, lack of efficacy for breathable party shall not prevent the garment from being a really nice product to wear during training rides.

For those who also use the Zap Bike Jacket for commuting in town, no reflective strips and privacy glass beads into the fabric makes the jacket Pixel quite trivial and unobtrusive. It is therefore possible to walk into town during the day without being compared to a lamppost, or have the feeling of working for a public service! It is available in black or red for even more discretion or color Super Nova (test color) for those who love the colors that have pep!


To conclude the Chinastars Jacket is available in sizes S to XXL in three colors for $ 122.54 Euros. The Chinastars Jacket is also available in Women in Black or Pink Super, more information pls refer to www.chinareflective.com

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 Pedestrians will begin to wear reflective safety vests Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The infringement of not wearing a reflective safety vest has threatened to fine two thousand crowns "on the spot". But it must be a reduced visibility and walking down the road with no street lighting.


Pedestrians should compulsorily use at least one reflective element such as reflective tape or reflective accessories on your clothes, if they go in poor visibility on the road without street lighting. The government today approved the proposal of the Ministry of Transport, which is part of the amendment to the Law on Road Traffic.


The infringement has threatened to fine two thousand crowns "on the spot", ie the so-called spot. Authorities in administrative proceedings could then impose a fine of 1,500 to 2,500 crowns. The same penalties are threatened pedestrians already for breach of other obligations, typically poor pacing. An exception should be unforeseen circumstances, ie for example impassable sidewalk and temporarily dysfunctional public lighting.


Under the proposal, the pedestrian is obliged to wear reflective elements positioned so that they are visible to other road users on the road. But only if it moves in reduced visibility on the shoulder or side of the road in a place where there is no street lighting or where public lighting is off. The emergence of obligation is required of all three conditions (reduced visibility, roadway, without lighting) simultaneously.

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