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As the largest manufacturer of reflective fabric and safety vest in China, we'll share with you the latest fashion trends & news on reflective products.
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- These two guys discovered the secret to get free anywhere

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 Drivers in safety vest who run the reins Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

STC introduces new rules for drivers - must have safety vest. Soon, drivers have safety vest in the races. From 2012 it becomes mandatory safety vest.

- We want everyone to have it because there are risks involved in the races, says Mats Fransson at STC.


STC has decided on several changes for the harness racing next year.

Coachmen receiving körlicens after January 1 must have an approved armor at all run on the banks, stables and training area.


From 2012, all drivers have safety vest.

- We want everyone to have safety vest with reflective tape because there are risks. Within monte sport is already compulsory. This requires that they must sew their dressar. It is a great investment because the drivers have until 2012 on, says Mats Fransson, Head of Communications at STC.


Måldomarna also called for tougher rules for drivers in reflective vest who run the reins. Therefore, there has been an addition to the regulations.

"In driving otherwise than by driving whip charioteer must not kick against the horse, push the rod backwards, boxer, operate or tugging hard on the reins," writes the STC.

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 Wearing safety vest is obviously Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Tira will take himself, jig, groom and groom through the obstacles. And fast it should go. Tira wearing safety clothing obviously thinks its fun and 7ans temporarily supplied groom, who tries not to embarrass himself totally in the turns, do likewise. Fast small hooves thunder and the sweat begins to leak on both horses and people before the rapid test tour is over.


Tira counts with its 128 centimeters at the withers as a B-pony and competes in easy A in sports driving, but in the races that take place the weekend of 20-21 August, horses of all sizes to compete in everything from light to very high levels.

- This is the first year we have difficult class in our competitions, where they have to qualify for the Championship. It is great that we can organize a big competition here - our coachmen in northern Sweden may otherwise have to travel far to compete, says Anette Johansson in reflective vest, tournament director, and says that they hope for a weekend where coachmen, groomer and horses from all over Sweden's long country, and even some carriages from neighboring countries to come to participate.

For several Norwegian contestant is even closer than others, their national, race.


The competition, organized by Ornskoldsvik variety equestrian club körsektion, held at the club's outdoor courts and is said to be an exciting spectacle for both the participants and the audience. In the days determined races in both dressage and precision, where the horses including running on a smooth path between cones with balls they should avoid touching down. There’s also increase the tempo when horse and wagon on time will get around a road course with additional obstacles. Ulrica Merikanto, from club körsektion, says that it is all about speed, well-thought-out choices and good communication, both between people and between man and horse. That may also be the element of competition that is the most fun for the audience to watch the dogs in dizzying speed to take both hooves and wheels between the cottages and telephone poles.


For the fastest possible time to get through the course it is important to choose the right path. How the road looks very much depends on the rig. Larger horses are generally faster than small but has, so to speak, larger turning radius.

The carriages are of different types, depending on class and race operations. In a two-wheel jig is always the driver on the right side and the groom to the left, while the placement of a marathon carriage with four wheels, looks a bit different. It controls the driver from the middle of the cart while the groom standing at the back and have to work hard to balance the carriage of cars cornering.


Because it goes fast, and both horses and people on the go, the security is very important. Officials are in place to quickly jump in and help, and both horse and equipment checked before and after the races in order to minimize the risk of anything happening. The wagons have quick connections to easily get off the horse and carriage horses have shin guards, boots and men helmet, safety vest and good shoes.

- Gloves are also a good choice, says Anette Johansson, holding up his hands and points out that it is important both to get a good grip and to avoid injury.

- But the most important thing is still to have good discipline, and communication with the horse.



The contest runs crews divided by the number of horses pulling: Enbet, couples or four horses that are one, two or four horses in front of the cart. The contestants also divided by size where horses and ponies competing in different classes.

A full choir competition consists of three different parts: dressage, marathon and precision, all to the coachman to test the skill and the horses' versatility and strength.

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  Take a safety vest to keep safe Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Have you ever thought to your dog as a workout companion? A loyal ally is not. Moreover, not only benefit your health but also that of your dog as you move along considerably. Don't forget to take a safety vest to keep safe when you walk with it. 5 fun ideas for sports that you can do with your dog.


Want regular start moving with your dog; apply first a visit to the vet. Who can check it for possible heart, lung or other health problems? It is also important to have your dog checked by arthritis or musculoskeletal disorders. So do not go out of the blue half an hour with your dog run.

Build the duration and intensity of your workout joint gradually and make sure you keep a regular routine. Regularity is important for your dog and is an extra stick for yourself.


Walking your dog

A brisk walk with your dog is the ideal form of exercise for both man and dog. Health benefits for you: a stronger heart, lower blood pressure, more energy, strong bones and a reduced risk of depression. In dogs can walk regularly reduce the risk of behavioral problems? There is no fixed guideline exists for the length and duration a dog to walk. It's nice to work with your dog gradually working towards a goal where your pace and duration of the walk gradually increase. Besides hiking with your dog, there are also other sports possible that you can do together.

Tip: Searching for places where your dog can run free. Go For example; walk with your dog on a dog beach or in the woods. Take a reflective tape for your dog to keep it be seen and be safe.


Dog Dance

If walking you can’t charm, is dancing with your dog may be for you. Yes, you read that right, dancing. Dog dancing is a sport for everyone who likes to train his or her dog and dancing and music like. The sport is suitable for all ages. Dog dancing originated from obedience exercises performed to music. Need more information about this, please take a look at the website Dutch Dog Dance Association.

Running with your dog


Running is a good way to both get rid of energy and to work towards a good condition. Find out whether your dog breed is capable of running long distances. For example, a labrador need for quite a distance run than a bulldog. This should include five-minute warm-up, run twenty minutes and five minutes cooling down.


Try as much as possible on gravel paths to walk and let your dog walk along at the same pace. Dogs are less than men and therefore less visible in traffic. Let your dog walk therefore on the side of the berm. When you’s gonna run the evening it is wise to your dog to do a reflective vest or harness, so he stands out well for other traffic.


Agility Training

In this sport, it is intended that a dog track as quickly and seamlessly as possible makes a number of devices. The units are divided in (height) jumps, the interface apparatus, passages (such as, for example, a tunnel) and poles. You run with it, and guide the dog through verbal and non-verbal communication through the trail. In this training you work both on your fitness while your dog improves his coordination.



This sport is a dangerous occupation with an untrained puppy. Before you know it rolls into the bushes, because your puppy sees a bird. But skating with a lined adult dog is safe with the appropriate training. For your dog, the goal is to run next to you without pulling on the line. You can encourage this behavior by rewarding your dog when she runs into the correct position.

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 Provided ordering a reflective tape house number Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Via Association you can post, provided ordering a reflective tape house number.


There are regular to find messages in the media about the need to be legible house numbers, not only during the day but also in the dark! Quick, listed for emergency services, so no valuable time is lost, it can sometimes be vital. Especially in the countryside, where houses often further from the road, it's not a luxury that an additional number is provided on the street.


Association therefore invites everyone in the outskirts to provide his home with a reflective house number.


Why target number?

* Prevents unwanted and sometimes dangerous search behavior of motorists in safety vest

* Also in the dark visibility without (additional) energy consumption

* Shorten arrival time’s emergency

* Without lighting still a clear marking of ramps, driveways, etc.


Specifications number poles

The house number plates are provided on either side of the post, so that they are easily visible to the traffic from both directions, and can be illuminated by the headlight light. The signs are made of aluminum and coated with a high quality retro-reflective material and equipped with a number. The plates are attached with a special glue or stainless steel screws on the post. A clear positioning statement is attached.


Order Returns en

The cost of a reflective number pole with 2 side one house is € 15.

To take advantage of this offer, please sign up before August 1, 2016. You will receive in due course by mail message from us when you get the number of pole.

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 Scientists in safety vest have created a new optical Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Australian scientists in safety vest have created a new optical illusion that reveals how our brains evaluate the material properties of an object.


Researchers at the University of New South Wales made with the aid of the computer an image of an object with a refractive index of glass. Then they put the image on a photograph with a clear horizon.


Transparent or not

When people see the picture, they think the object is made of transparent material. But turn out to be the picture than the same object appears suddenly made of shiny, opaque reflective material.


Above or below

"It's a brand new optical illusion," says researcher Juno Kim. "And shows that the visual system has learned to rely on the orientation of the horizon and or bright spots are located at the top or bottom of an object, and on the basis thereof determines the brain or objects are transparent or not. It shows that our brain is wondering: which side is the top "?


"Our brain is very advanced, but when the material properties of an object trying to distract from impaired light patterns caused by reflection of light on the reflective surface of the object, the yeast based on previous experiences. This optical illusion seems to be driven by two major biases in the brain. The first is the assumption that a light source shines generally from above. This bias is the reason that people look scary and quite different under their chin. The brain is accustomed to processing faces while light comes from above. And the second bias is that most objects are generally spherical in shape. "

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