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As the largest manufacturer of reflective fabric and safety vest in China, we'll share with you the latest fashion trends & news on reflective products.
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- These two guys discovered the secret to get free anywhere
- These two guys discovered the secret to get free anywhere

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 The police staked into the cell five offenders Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Thieves apparently need at Christmas time financially augment. Because thieves have been busy in recent days, especially when breaking into a house, car and garage.


Thanks to the quick actions of police officers, policeman wearing reflective uniform managed to put in a cell next three robbers and car garages and two house burglars. One went to steal even with a knife.


The first burglary happened in Kladno in the street J. Jezek. Upon notification of the witness went to the police case shortly after four o'clock in the morning.


"On the spot it was found that, unknown perpetrators broke into the garage and stole away bikes and skis, as well as ski poles, ski boots, ski bag and shoes, snowboard, bike bag, children's sports glasses, reflective vest, cycling cape and a bottle.


Thieves caused damage worth nearly twenty thousand crowns, "said police spokeswoman Jana Kladno Šteinerová. In her words, the perpetrators have subsequently broken into the garage parked vehicles Skoda Felicia.


The car took luminaries technical certificate with other documents for the car radio, remote control, three reflective vests, sunglasses, umbrella, a first aid kit and other small promotional items.


"Police patrols searched the surrounding areas and monitor the streets in this area. In Štechová street noticed suspicious movement of three persons that matched the description of the offenders.


Policemen three-member group composed of two men and one woman arrested and then placed in a police cell. There are currently two youths aged twenty, twenty-five years and nineteen women suspected of theft, "said Šteinerová.


Do flat ground in a street in Old Castle Buštěhrad illegally invaded a man who threatened first třiadvacetiletému young man with a knife, then verbally and then physically attacked him. Rapist attacked at the same time on čtyřiačtyřicetiletou woman whose contusion required medical treatment in the Kladno hospital.


"The location of the incident was called the patrol that arrested the suspect, and then escorted him to his cell. The case is investigated as a suspected crime of violation of domestic freedom, "said a police spokesman. Offenders for this offense face up to five behind bars.


The second case of violation of domestic freedom became the fenced land in North Street in Upper Bezděkově.


Summoned police patrol in reflective safety vest detained an hour after midnight on private property stranger.


Suspect was a man who should not be there; he was a thirty-two man, who refused to cooperate with police patrol. Additionally, showed signs of intoxication and threatened that it will escalate its aggression. Subsequently, he was therefore taken into police custody in a police cell.


In addition, the police found that drunk enough for plot to destroy the owner of a car wiper and presumably raged before and in Upper Street, where change broke plexiglass canopy at the entrance to the house and lock the entrance gate.


Although the damage does not exceed this time three thousand drunken man after sleep like in a cell not enough to wonder what he's done.


Now even he threatens Section for felony violations of domestic freedom. In his case, he can go to jail for up to two years.

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 Road safety of children secured by reflective tape Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In the dark November many accidents happen at bus stops: Most can be avoided. A traffic police expert gives tips for school children.


Security - The alarm clock is ringing not, he screams ... the Beast sounds even louder than usual, and there it is darker than in the tunnel... Please ... just doze off for half an hour! But the school has no mercy. And so it abounds in the gloomy November outside of tired children - and yawning motorists. This is a dangerous mix. But on the other hand you can do what. One only has to dare to be uncool.


Be brave, contract a reflective safety vest!


The elementary school students are usually smarter than the older children. They wear bright reflective safety vests or collar, so that they may be seen in the darkness of the motoring public. In the fifth graders it begins "because it is suddenly embarrassed to shine," says Wilhelm Aufmhof, road safety consultant of the Essenes police. "But you have to be brave just once as a child and shrug when others laugh." Even in older children, parents should insist that they wear bright hi vis jackets, scarves, hats and fluorescent reflective strips on the backpack.


Accidents happen in the dark season just at the bus stops. Many can be avoided if motorists to watch out twice - and children crass behave differently than usual: Just make it like the English, which are always in a neat row at the bus stop. That sounds boring. But the pushing and shoving and catching games on the curb are not fun, but dangerous. No one would ever but the idea to push the edge of a deep ravine ... Before roads should have the same respect. "I repeat constantly: Cars are no fluff balls," says security expert. And drivers cannot see light. Therefore, never cross the street in front of or behind the bus. Always wait until the bus has departed!


On the jostling in the bus all the kids would probably like to do without. But the buses and trains are usually crowded. Now what? Quickly find a firm stand, preferably behind a barrier. In the hallway, you should hold you with both hands. And maybe remember that loud screech makes the driver nervous. But he is just a man ... Or you can focus you well when you cry 50 people in his ear?

Bus drivers must not rush


Sometimes, however, the bus driver is the bogeyman. Some rush like crazy because they want to remain on schedule. The security expert advises the police not to speak to the driver directly. Remember this better the line and the time and ask your teacher or parents to complain to the bus company.


Basically road is very simple: You just always (ie EVERY second!) Eyes and ears don’t stop. But the ears are a major problem for some years: More and more accidents happen because kids wear headphones on the street. Since parents have to stay tough: Knöppe from the ear!

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 MSC Tönisheide distributed safety vests to first graders Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

hese first-graders are sure to come in the dark winter months to school. The Motorsport Club Neviges-Tönisheide distributed on behalf of the ADAC reflective safety vests. The visibility increases dramatically - and thus the chance for drivers to react in time.


Who's in first grade, much can alone - for example, master the way to school. Thus, the starting school here in the dark winter months nothing happened, the Motorsport Club Neviges-Tönisheide distributed on behalf of the ADAC Foundation "Gelber Engel" safety vests at the first years of the Rainbow School, the city's Catholic Primary School, the Protestant elementary school and the community primary school Tönisheide. A total of 16 schools Velberter each i-Dötzchen got a high visibility vest.

"When it is dark in the morning, are hardly ever seen by drivers students," explains Stefan Atzwanger from MSC Tönisheide. In the dark, could recognize a student without a vest only about 25 meters from a motorist. But. "Does he drive faster than 30 miles an hour, he can barely stop in time" Enter the student bright, reflective clothing, which is quite different: "You are then already be seen from up to 140 feet away," explains Stefan Atzwanger , "Timely brakes is not a problem."

Exercise in road traffic


It is therefore important that the children wear the neon yellow jackets in their free time. "It is not only school west '" explains Atzwanger the school beginners. Even when playing or cycling they care more for road safety. "Put on the west and in the autumn holidays at times," he says about the little ones.


The safety vests, equipped with a hood and reflective strips came with the children well - made sure child-friendly motifs on the garments, but perhaps that the West were given to the children personally. "It was important for us not to give the west by the parents, but directly to the children," said Atzwanger. So consciousness is strengthened for road hazards and the development of children, who are increasingly independently with the start of school support.

The school as a training run


"For this is also important for the children to walk to school and not be driven every day by car," says Principal Bärbel Emersleben. "Children cannot otherwise exercise the road." Especially for the kids but it was important. "You can still give them credit for something," said Emersleben. "At this age they can much more than in kindergarten."


Children are particularly vulnerable on the way to school, even after being trained with the parents also. "But because the children cannot properly assess the hazards on the road, it is important for them to be seen," said Aztwanger. "With the safety vest, we therefore contribute so that the graders can move on the road."

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 A teen assaulted and left naked in a park in Ottawa Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The Ottawa Police are looking for a suspect after a young person with a developmental disability was sexually assaulted and left naked, unconscious in a park, with a temperature of minus 20 Celsius.


The attack occurred on January 6 from 18 h 30 to 22 h 30, when the boy was trapped by an individual offering to go to Riverfront Park in Vanier.


When he arrived there, the teenager was beaten and fainted. When he regained his senses, he was naked and had been sexually assaulted. The boy then left the park, finding his pieces of clothing scattered on the ground. A couple came to his aid.


The attack was reported to the police on Wednesday. The authorities wish to find witnesses.


The teen was wearing a reflective garment with orange and yellow reflective tapes.


"This is a particularly heinous crime that could have had a tragic end due to the temperature," said John Maxwell police inspector of Ottawa in reflective uniform, said he was pleased that citizens have taken the victim load.

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 Cyclists, be brilliant and wear reflective vests! Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

How about a light bike ride through the streets of Besancon? Vélocampus Besançon organizes Thursday, January 22, 2015 to a Vélorution lanterns!


Since the mid 2000s, Besançon wants to give more room for alternative trips to the car. Bicycle use is included. But cyclists are reminded that they are vulnerable, in most accidents involving a cyclist and a vehicle, the cause is expressed misperception of the cyclist. Therefore, both wheels should include in particular the importance of being visible and good light, bright reflective clothing and clear equipment are a vital necessity.


The Association bisontine Vélocampus understood the issue to be visible at all times and offers a ride for which they call participants to make as visible as possible. "We will cross the city at night, but intend to attract attention. Join us with your already informed mounts. Equip yourself with lanterns distributed on site (depending on stock) for a friendly parade in the pulsations of a Sound- System Mobile. Get out your lights and therefore dare neon".


The departure is at 19h Revolution Square with a rally at 18:30. Welcome!


The City of Besançon remetra participants with reflective safety vests and flashing lights to remind that the lighting equipment of the bike and the rider must be a priority for each of them.

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