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As the largest manufacturer of reflective fabric and safety vest in China, we'll share with you the latest fashion trends & news on reflective products.
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- reflective safety vest
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- Children received reflective walking hoses
- Policewomen in reflective vest visited preschoolers
- Policemen call for caution and adherence to safe driving rules
- Policemen handed out reflective vest to pedestrians
- Reflective vests for students of the whole commune

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- Reflective fabric
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 Firefighters turn red with reflective uniform Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Three years ago, the County Fire Department and Rescue (SDIS 64) launched a study on the reflective protective suit against the fire of his firefighters. After two years of testing in different fire and rescue services (CIS) centers of the department, the first held, in response to regulatory changes, improving the personal safety of firefighters with reflective fabric and allowing greater ease of use, were delivered July.


Tuesday, October 7, is from the relief center Mourenx / Artix, captained by Joel Prud'homme, Lieutenant-Colonel Iriart, head of the group of general resources, came to the presentation of these outfits before number of local councilors and the vice president of the SDIS 64, Michel Labourdette.


From dark blue to red farting


"We were asked what our expectations for protection, comfort and efficiency," says Hamid Rafa, firefighter rescue center Mourenx who with some of his colleagues, was wearing the new reflective outfit for this presentation.


Exit dark blue, red square, decorated with reflective tape for clothing, "much more visible in all circumstances", according to the colonel. Second change, this new outfit consists of a short jacket and trousers amount, for better ease in the squatting position. It is lighter and sorting complex layer allows water drainage, so heat.


More comfort and safety


Many small practical details of loops that keep the thumbs up the sleeve of reinforcements at the back and shoulders for comfort when the firefighter carries the respiratory system, a front pocket with dimensions of new portable radios two large pockets on the legs to make equipment, two rings on the jacket to hang the gloves and harness passes for fall protection kit.


The interview was also designed. The quality of the reflective fabric, seams and reinforcements gives an average life of approximately 8 years held, against 6 for the old ones. The washing procedure no longer requires re-treatment product and 25 washes are guaranteed. "So this is a long term investment. This outfit meets our regulatory and practical issues, while returning to a budget under control, "said Colonel Iriart.

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 A police in reflective uniform point the demonstrators with his gun Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

An undercover cop in a procession draws his gun and aims of the demonstrators in the US.

After the non-places Darren Wilson Ferguson and Daniel Pantaleo in New York, it's another policeman who made headlines in the American press after he infiltrated a demonstration, have been unmasked, wearing a reflective safety vest and referred several people with his weapon.

For several days in Oakland, Berkeley and San Francisco, California, protesters complained of police brutality excess, tells SF Gate. The protesters blocked the highway including i-80, vandalism and looting also occurred, said the local newspaper. To better control the demonstrations, the police decided to infiltrate some of his agents.


Tuesday, December 9, two members of the California Highway Patrol (CHP) have therefore inserted in the crowd to watch her.

"If their intention was to ensure that everyone stays calm, it did not work. The agents were identified by demonstrators. An altercation began and ended abruptly when one of the officers wearing reflective vest drew his gun and pointed it at the demonstrators. "

According to the version of a freelance photographer SF Gate present in the event, a person has identified the police then stole the bandanna of one of the agents trying to recover it.

"Another person then came up behind him and put him one shot behind the head. He got up, has raced and plated. At that time, people flocked to them. The other officer took out his baton. But as the crowd began to surge, he pulled out a gun. "

Another version presented by KTVU, a local television reported that after the flight of the bandana, the two plainclothes officers had decided to leave the event: "But the protesters continued, shouting at them. One of the officers pushed one of the protesters. The man did the same before the agent does the floor plate and handcuffs him. The crowd then began to encircle them. The second officer then drew his gun and pointed it toward the crowd. Several officers wearing reflective uniform quickly arrived and dispersed the crowd. "

Infiltration of demonstrations by police officers is not rare. The leader of the CHP Golden Gate Division indicates that plainclothes police are present in these events since the first on November 24, says SF Gate. "He then said that he will continue to use this tactic, despite Tuesday's incident."

In France, the practice is also common. On the occasion of events Sivens and accusations against certain qualified officers to "thugs", L'Express had contacted Fabien Vandermerlick, national secretary at the police union Alliance:

"These are civil servants, especially the anti-crime Brigade (BAC), which infiltrate the processions for Local orientation and neutralize violent individuals before they do anything. They are also responsible to challenge in the act for there to be evidence. They can shout or whistle to imitate the protesters but they do not go throwing cobblestones their colleagues is the sci fiction. "

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 Traffic policemen in reflective uniform Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Approaching feast of All Souls worried about traffic policemen in reflective uniform. They expect that as in other years become more accidents. This may contribute to several risk factors: dreary weather with fog and early darkness and heavy traffic, which leaves even more festive drivers.

 "November is the worst month this regard. Between 2003 and 2010, died this month, 242 pedestrians," said the head of traffic police Leos Trail.

Police recommends that pedestrians that when traveling on the road equipped flashlight or reflective elements that will alert the driver. In the darkness, is not commonly seen wearing a walker or a distance of 60 meters.

Alarming balance, which killed 36 pedestrians (most since 2006) wants to counter the police action when people are handing out tens of thousands of reflective tape that can be quickly and easily mounted on the hands or feet.

Thousands of people set off to light candles on the graves of their loved ones, including those who otherwise hardly governed. Many of them are also emotionally influenced by the memory of a death in the family.

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 Police officers with reflective uniform were amazed Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Police raids in Klaipeda region all fed up with them, so on Saturday morning even 4 Klaipeda traffic police crews arrived at the office SKUODAS, check what filled the center of the inhabitants of the border region. Another forces lined up to check oncoming drivers from Mazeikiai.

Before eight o'clock in the morning, the car Toyota Aventis driver Romantic S., b. 1965. He saw both police officers with reflective uniform in one place they were amazed. Even the man did not realize that it goes for ambulance cars with blue flashing lights and he has to leave the side of the road. Official’s driver as soon explained. He was sober. For medical vehicle disabling, citizens are at risk from 200 to 400 liras a fine or confiscation of driving licenses from 2 to 4 months. He agreed with the infringement, misconduct was not previously done so on the spot decision served to pay a fine of 100 liras. The law allows it, under favorable circumstances; punish half the minimum amount of the fine.

At the same time, the first stop of an SUV driver, whose body found acceptable rate of alcohol 00:33 prom. The same inflated and cyclist went to work. Dignity claimed that the driver of the tractor working in and knows how much need on the eve of a drink that morning neįkliūtum "three threes bladder, followed by 5.2 degrees, and the EIT to sleep." Coming from Mazeikiai side was very old, who was pushing a bicycle trail loaded with good things: apples, herbs, sacks, bags. The old lady who lives in the woods did not hear anything about the fact that cyclists have to ride wearing a reflective vest or bike from all sides. When the woman was donated to the State Enterprise Klaipeda Regional Roads illuminated vest, with tears in her eyes she said only, "such good policemen who saw and still am not." At the same path and drove a scooter driver Audios S., b. 1968. Nothing has been. It was only scooter and its driver. Officials removed the license plates and banned from driving further. And suddenly come flying from Mazeikiai car VW Pass at, the driver ahead of cars on a curve crossing the continuous line. Man drives 40 years ago and now for his behavior, apologized: "Sorry, you do not do more." Another disorderly drives grandfather arrested another Skoda place. Here is an old rusty car VW Pass at driver ahead of the convoy, which was the array to the temporary traffic sign "Stop Control". He was ahead on the bridge, crossing the continuous line. When all bravely overtaken and was stopped, it turned out that the man is impossible to communicate with me. Initially it was likely that he speaks Latvian, but better by listening revealed that the man speaks very Samogitian. Your sins grandfather also realized. Another vehicle VW Pass at driver Vitiates R., was born. 1989., Skouras road police caught arrived from Siauliai. He drove the car that does not have the technical inspection. Police raid Skoda soon spread the rumor. The police cordon girl’s crew arrived to feast one's eyes on the young policemen, but they failed because they were suspended policemen. Here it was stopped and the first young man whose body found in more alcohol than is appropriate. Just three months driving experience having car Audi 80 "driver Žilvinas J., was born. 1995. Set 0:31 proms. Alcohol. Length of service does not have a boyfriend threatened 800-1000 liras fine. The young driver has to pay 400 liras, because during those three months, driving was not a foul. The guy said on Friday that three of us drank "two bladders, six degrees of beer. several police crews worked hard for about an hour, during which two cyclists were coated with shining vests divided reflectors. Reid Lowlands crowned offender Plunge. Car Peugeot 207 driver Jonas J., was born. 1955. When he saw police patrols began to ride curbs and slipped into the service station area. Here they have found it in police patrols found out why the man ran. He set 0:16 proms alcohol, but a citizen is deprived of the driving license for the driving drunk. Then he found an average of 1.84 drunkenness prom alcohols. He lost rights, and since then, when he saw a police uniform with reflective tapes, he gets lost and begins to ride the curb.

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 Police officers in reflective uniform clarifying the circumstances Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

On Monday, 7 pm. 40 min. emergency number 112 received notice that Kaunas-Rakia 35 kilometer road accident occurred. It is reported that there are clamped the man faced two vans in one of them carrying children to school. There are a lot of victims.

The scene rushed Fork firefighters, police and medical personnel. The site was very difficult traffic congestion.

According to preliminary data firefighters, school bus had twelve children. Two suffered serious injuries. A total of eight children taken to the hospital others took the place of the accident rushed parents. Medic’s major concern raised children vežusio driving condition. Rescuers had to cut the car iron to release metal debris crushed and injured her husband. Only then he was transferred to the medical profession. In total, the crash came seven adults. Three adults were transported to Fork and Kaunas hospitals. Police officers in reflective uniform clarifying the circumstances Local roads very slippery, it is not excluded that the accident was one of the van became unmanageable. Clarified that slipped out of their lane and crashed frontal into the minibus is coming next. BNS news agency reports Marijampole County Police Headquarters spokeswoman Suita Patient confirmed that the driver set 0, 11 per mille drunkenness. Both drivers had to check and blood.

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