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As the largest manufacturer of reflective fabric and safety vest in China, we'll share with you the latest fashion trends & news on reflective products.
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- Children received reflective walking hoses
- Policewomen in reflective vest visited preschoolers
- Policemen call for caution and adherence to safe driving rules
- Policemen handed out reflective vest to pedestrians
- Reflective vests for students of the whole commune

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 Police injured by a fleeing individual Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

One policeman in reflective safety vest was dragged for nearly 20 meters, Saturday, Oct. 18, 2014, around 4:30 am, in Sotteville-lès-Rouen, by an individual run. The criminal was arrested and will be judged on Monday.

Shortly after 4 am on the night of Friday 17 to Saturday, October 18, 2014, witnesses reported that an individual has been introduced, by climbing the gate in a construction company located in the enclosure Hauling way to Sotteville-lès-Rouen, in the Greater Rouen.

A police-rescue crew in fluorescent yellow reflective vest with reflective fabric shining at night goes there. The hotel seems deserted, but police noticed a car, which "starts with a bang, lights out," reports a source close to the investigation.

He drags the officer about twenty meters


What follows is a chase that leads the police in downtown Sotteville-lès-Rouen, rue de la République. "Everyone tries to flee on foot, but was caught by a policeman. That's when he begins to struggle, "says the investigator. The man, who left his door open is finally back down and back into his car, with the engine still running. It speeds. The policeman is hanging on his arm, dragged "about twenty meters" before arriving to let go.

The official "is hurt, especially in the shoulder," said his colleague. The fleeing driver managed to flee to his home, not far away. Around 7:30, the suspect, aged 29, is arrested at his home and taken into custody.


No alcohol


According to preliminary, he was not drunk during the attempted arrest, three hours earlier. But he did not hold a driving license. In the boot of his Renault Laguna, investigators found a canister containing 30 liters of diesel. Some fuel was spilled in the trunk of the car. Presented to the prosecution, Sunday, Oct. 19, 2014, he was jailed pending trial in immediate appearance scheduled this Monday, Oct. 20.

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 The police staked into the cell five offenders Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Thieves apparently need at Christmas time financially augment. Because thieves have been busy in recent days, especially when breaking into a house, car and garage.


Thanks to the quick actions of police officers, policeman wearing reflective uniform managed to put in a cell next three robbers and car garages and two house burglars. One went to steal even with a knife.


The first burglary happened in Kladno in the street J. Jezek. Upon notification of the witness went to the police case shortly after four o'clock in the morning.


"On the spot it was found that, unknown perpetrators broke into the garage and stole away bikes and skis, as well as ski poles, ski boots, ski bag and shoes, snowboard, bike bag, children's sports glasses, reflective vest, cycling cape and a bottle.


Thieves caused damage worth nearly twenty thousand crowns, "said police spokeswoman Jana Kladno Šteinerová. In her words, the perpetrators have subsequently broken into the garage parked vehicles Skoda Felicia.


The car took luminaries technical certificate with other documents for the car radio, remote control, three reflective vests, sunglasses, umbrella, a first aid kit and other small promotional items.


"Police patrols searched the surrounding areas and monitor the streets in this area. In Štechová street noticed suspicious movement of three persons that matched the description of the offenders.


Policemen three-member group composed of two men and one woman arrested and then placed in a police cell. There are currently two youths aged twenty, twenty-five years and nineteen women suspected of theft, "said Šteinerová.


Do flat ground in a street in Old Castle Buštěhrad illegally invaded a man who threatened first třiadvacetiletému young man with a knife, then verbally and then physically attacked him. Rapist attacked at the same time on čtyřiačtyřicetiletou woman whose contusion required medical treatment in the Kladno hospital.


"The location of the incident was called the patrol that arrested the suspect, and then escorted him to his cell. The case is investigated as a suspected crime of violation of domestic freedom, "said a police spokesman. Offenders for this offense face up to five behind bars.


The second case of violation of domestic freedom became the fenced land in North Street in Upper Bezděkově.


Summoned police patrol in reflective safety vest detained an hour after midnight on private property stranger.


Suspect was a man who should not be there; he was a thirty-two man, who refused to cooperate with police patrol. Additionally, showed signs of intoxication and threatened that it will escalate its aggression. Subsequently, he was therefore taken into police custody in a police cell.


In addition, the police found that drunk enough for plot to destroy the owner of a car wiper and presumably raged before and in Upper Street, where change broke plexiglass canopy at the entrance to the house and lock the entrance gate.


Although the damage does not exceed this time three thousand drunken man after sleep like in a cell not enough to wonder what he's done.


Now even he threatens Section for felony violations of domestic freedom. In his case, he can go to jail for up to two years.

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 Cyclists, be brilliant and wear reflective vests! Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

How about a light bike ride through the streets of Besancon? Vélocampus Besançon organizes Thursday, January 22, 2015 to a Vélorution lanterns!


Since the mid 2000s, Besançon wants to give more room for alternative trips to the car. Bicycle use is included. But cyclists are reminded that they are vulnerable, in most accidents involving a cyclist and a vehicle, the cause is expressed misperception of the cyclist. Therefore, both wheels should include in particular the importance of being visible and good light, bright reflective clothing and clear equipment are a vital necessity.


The Association bisontine Vélocampus understood the issue to be visible at all times and offers a ride for which they call participants to make as visible as possible. "We will cross the city at night, but intend to attract attention. Join us with your already informed mounts. Equip yourself with lanterns distributed on site (depending on stock) for a friendly parade in the pulsations of a Sound- System Mobile. Get out your lights and therefore dare neon".


The departure is at 19h Revolution Square with a rally at 18:30. Welcome!


The City of Besançon remetra participants with reflective safety vests and flashing lights to remind that the lighting equipment of the bike and the rider must be a priority for each of them.

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 Riding to work in reflective vest Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Rain or shine, summer or winter, Marc Samar mounts his bicycle and wear reflective vest to get to work and back. And he always wears the vest with reflective tape. Not when we know that man lives in Saint-Creasier and works in Saint-Hyacinthe, assiduously pedaling 55 kilometers a day.

It adopted this habit there are three and a half years after being on a photo. "I was 35. When I realized, it gave me a shock. I really was not in shape, I was fat, I was smoking, I was of the high pressure. The large kit! ", He says.

This image of him was the trigger for a serious awareness and above all the urgency to take care of his health. Gradually, he traded his car for the bicycle. "Each barrier has fallen one after the other."

Today, at 39 - and lighter than sixty books - the Creasier is in great shape.

And convey bike became for him a way of life that allows her to combine physical exercise with how-to. Instead of attending a fitness center after his workday, he trains morning and evening bike. And reflective clothing makes him visible.

"When I have a good tail wind, it takes me 55 minutes, but when I have the wind in your face, its 1 am 30." One might think that such days are exhausting for Mr. Samar, who works at a car dealership. It's just the opposite. "It gives me energy!"

To enjoy long weekends, our man works four days a week.

"I know that the risks are there, but I prefer not to think about it and go anyway. I do not feel threatened; motorists are courteous, "he said, specifying that has all the equipment necessary for his protection: helmet, reflective strips, flashing, everything is there. "And I respect the Highway Code."

"I'm lucky, it's ever happened to me, he says. Oh no, that's wrong, I did fall once, because I admired the full moon! "

This is indeed one of the many benefits these rides her bike: the beauty of the night sky, when it rolls to the sound of his music. "I carry only a listener. The other ear is always open to hear traffic. "And no matter the pace he chooses to listen, his legs flying their own measure, at an average cruise speed of 30 km / hour, according to the force and the wind direction.

He even loves pedaling in the rain. Again, everything is a matter of equipment. "With good reflective clothes, it's nice. And in summer, the rain, it's refreshing. "

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 Notes for boarding on bus: reflective vest needed Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

On the climb, you need: get at least five minutes early and never wait for the bus to cross the road. Wait opening the door to advance to the car and taking up his bag in front.

In the car, there must be a seatbelt if the seat is equipped (mandatory since 2003). And don’t forget to bring a refelctive vest with you in car (mandatory since 2013).

A lowering of the bus, wait complete stop before leaving his place and loosen his belt and never cross the street before leaving the bus. You can also wear a reflective vest or any other clothing with reflective tape to enable yourself be seen easier.

Finally one last tip: Show him the dangers of the route; repeat it several times with him. He must bring the reflective clothing with him. Before the "drop" all alone, a little test is needed: this time it is for him to guide you! Check while all learning has been acquired.

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