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As the largest manufacturer of reflective fabric and safety vest in China, we'll share with you the latest fashion trends & news on reflective products.
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- Children received reflective walking hoses
- Policewomen in reflective vest visited preschoolers
- Policemen call for caution and adherence to safe driving rules
- Policemen handed out reflective vest to pedestrians
- Reflective vests for students of the whole commune

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 A policeman committed suicide at the police Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

A deputy security 20 years committed suicide in reflective safety vest which was their uniform, with his service weapon Friday night in the toilet of the police station of Bergerac, Has said Saturday from the prosecution and the police. According to the county director of public safety, Laetitia Philippon, "the causes of suicide are not professional."


Counsel for Bergerac, Frédérique Dubost, said the young man had come to Bergerac at the beginning of the summer and even though suicide is no doubt, a survey was given to the police of Perigueux. The night shift of the police station of Bergerac, shocked, was immediately replaced by colleagues from Perigueux.


Tuesday afternoon, a policeman of the Departmental Response Company of Meaux (Seine-et-Marne) had also committed suicide with his service weapon and reflective uniform, while returning from patrol. These are colleagues who had discovered in the locker room Cantonment CRS. In September, it was the 2000 Val d'Oise police who were forced to drop their service weapons after work, after the suicide one after two police department with their service weapons.


A recurring problem in the police


There is one month, another policeman stationed at the central police station of the fourth arrondissement of Paris, had committed suicide after being cut off from his home, square-Georges Contenot in the twelfth district of Paris. The peacekeeper 40 years, father of three children, was passed in the afternoon before the drama get his service weapon at his place of work before sending a text message to his colleagues in which he explained to be confronted "worry".


Suicides are a recurring problem in the police with a slightly higher than the average for the public service and the national average. Each year, about fifty police officers kill themselves. This summer a dozen police officers were removed life, without a direct link can be established with the police force.

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 Pedestrians, winter time is killing you Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Serious accidents involving pedestrians more than double the transition to winter time. The darkness falls at rush hour.


Pedestrians, winter time is killing you! The figures of the Belgian Institute for Road Safety (IBSR) are formal: the number of serious accidents involving pedestrians more than doubled when the mere fact of having delayed an hour the hands of his watch the lowest user finds himself in the dark rush hour.


At the end of October, the sun sets around 18:30. On Sunday, it will be around 17:30, with an already darkened sky from 17h. And Monday for the resumption of work, any suspicion! Because according to statistics, the number of serious accidents (that is to say where a pedestrian dies or spends at least one day in hospital) increased by 110% between October and November, and 140% between October and December.


But it's not just the number of accidents increases with winter time, severity as well. The IBSR has been an increase of 155% after the time change. In October, there were 20 killed 1,000 accidents involving pedestrians; in November, there killed 52!


No impact on cyclists


"In November, December, an increase of serious accidents is clearly visible" in the statistics, certify Benoît Godard, spokesman IBSR. Then, the number of victims will decrease in January and February, although it is still dark. "It is colder and people are less likely to leave, he said. And they take more public transit rather than drive. Finally, it seems that it takes a period of adjustment for both pedestrians and for motorists. The previous two months they used to make other landmarks. "


What about cyclists? Curiously, there is no evidence of serious accidents this increase in accidents involving two-wheelers, says spokesman IBSR. Why? Probably it’s because of better equipment, both in terms of the lighting reflective clothing.


Think up


On foot, to be seen in the winter period is vital! Because in the headlights of a car, they are dressed in black, pedestrians are visible only 20 meters while it takes 26 m in a car traveling at 50 km / h on dry ground, for s stop time (33 m in the wet). The pedestrian is seen too late.


However, with reflective accessories, it is visible 150 meters. The difference is huge! Other tips: do not cross outside of crosswalks, and even in this case, do not do it blindly. Look in both directions. Motorists still remember it is illegal to pass on the left a driver approaching or stops at a pedestrian crossing unprotected. Conclusion Benedict Godard: "If the pedestrian is dressed in black, this is not a reason to steal his priority."

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 Rheinland warns of jostling at the bus stop Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

At school bus stops it's sometimes too turbulent. Parents should practice with their children proper behavior and show them the dangers of school bus, and better wear bright clothes with reflective tapes or reflective fabric.


The best are all in rank and file not romp around and wait obediently on the school bus. Because it but usually not approaching so well-mannered at the stops, advises the TÜV Rheinland, with children to practice the correct behavior - and to explain to them the greatest dangers. Topping the list is the jostling when the bus arrives.


The school bus stops usually very close to the curb, when entering the vehicle front protrudes about it often, are automotive expert Hans-Ulrich Sander by TÜV Rheinland to consider. If this situation prevails in turmoil at the bus stop and the children pushed around close to the curb, the risk is extremely high, to be detected by the bus, he warns. This will be evident the little ones themselves.


Among the major accident hazards also include crossing the street in front of or behind the bus. The children are waiting loud Sander best until this has worn again. Then they are more visible to other road users and not surprisingly dive on the road. And they can easily see if the road is clear.


In the winter time the school children up in the morning and late afternoon in the dark at the bus stops. Therefore, parents should send their children in bright clothing like safety vest as possible to class. With reflective tapes on jackets and satchels and safety vests, they fall in the headlights of oncoming cars particularly well.

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 Strasbourg: The behavior of cyclists Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Only 44% of cyclists in Strasbourg admit that they respect the rules of bicycle traffic. In France, the average is 31%. Almost half admit that they barely wear safety vest or reflective accessories while cycling.

38% of Strasbourg cyclists take more risks as a cyclist or motorcyclist than motorist (national average 31%).

The Strasbourg cyclists feel unsafe after becoming pedestrian.

92% of Strasbourg cyclists have committed one of these eight offenses: driving on a sidewalk (83% against a national average of 71%), take a one-way (54% vs 49%) turn without reporting (54% vs 47%), spend a stop without stopping (45% vs 44%), turn red (51% vs 42%), travel with earphones (47% vs 23%), who consumed circulate alcohol (36% vs 17%) and pedaling by calling or sending an SMS (29% vs 17%).

65% of Strasbourg cyclists have had an accident (46% nationally). Half the time, there were only minor injuries, but in 15% of cases, hospitalization was required.

The bicycle helmet is optional in Strasbourg and France: 58% of Strasbourg cyclists never carry the day (59%) and 59% never at night (56%).

Reflective clothing or accessories are not more fashionable. Day, 20% of Strasbourg cyclists run every time with reflective safety vest or safety clothing with reflective fabric (17%).

By cons, equipment of bikes in terms of light is optimum in Strasbourg. 88% of interviewed cyclists have their bikes equipped with a headlight (77% nationally) and 81% are equipped with a lighthouse in the back (76%).

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 Jog on the road? Ensure your safety Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Although just is not the recommended option, there are many people who daily come to practice running on roads. An action that requires a series of measures to avoid a mishap to suffer, not to be endangered and get no cause discomfort and injury to drivers traveling with their vehicles along these routes. Such as wearing a reflective safety vest or hanging reflective accessories to make yourself more visible to other road users.

Specifically, among the most important tips necessary to carry out are the following:

It is essential always to be jogging road carry the identity card and mobile phone. Keep in mind that your smartphone should always have enough battery if I had to make an emergency call.

Always running down the side of the road where cars and other vehicles coming from the front. Thus, the runner can view and act in the right way in cases where necessary.

No less important is that when sport takes place on roads with no headphones listening to music. And that is the way we can hear perfectly any noise that comes to indicate danger or warning. It is a crucial step towards safety.

Fundamental and indispensable always wear bright clothing with reflective tapes. So when daylight fades away, it will ensure that drivers can always see the runner. Likewise, it is advisable to always opt for clothes that have bright colors.

We must always keep practicing running through areas where heavy traffic or where it can be more troublesome.

Of course, it must always respect traffic signals exist in this regard.

Pay special attention and care to slopes and at night owls drivers.

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