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As the largest manufacturer of reflective fabric and safety vest in China, we'll share with you the latest fashion trends & news on reflective products.
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- reflective tape
- reflective fabric
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- reflective safety vest
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- Children received reflective walking hoses
- Policewomen in reflective vest visited preschoolers
- Policemen call for caution and adherence to safe driving rules
- Policemen handed out reflective vest to pedestrians
- Reflective vests for students of the whole commune

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- Reflective fabric
- Safety vest
 Parents and children should take caution on Halloween Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Tonight children will wander back into the streets to take part in the traditional trick or treating on Halloween.


For this event will be conducted safely, the Sûreté du Québec reminds some safety.


First, it is important to ensure they are sufficiently visible as many pedestrians, motorists and cyclists travel at a time or reduced visibility, better wear reflective safety vest or safety clothing with reflective fabric.


It is therefore recommended to choose a Halloween costume with bright colors, with reflective tapes and drag around a flashlight. The costume should not be too long to avoid tripping. Finally, focus makeup rather than wearing a mask also helps to better see and hear what is happening around.


In addition, during the evenings, children should always:


Determine a route and return time with their parents

Stay in groups or with accompanying adult

Never enter a stranger's home or in his car

Never follow a stranger, whether by car or on foot

Cross streets at intersections

Browse one side of the street at a time

Inspect the candy by their parents before eating.


In addition, police are asking the cooperation of motorists, who must be especially vigilant and run at reduced speed, giving priority to children who crisscross the streets.


For more information on safety on the night of Halloween, the Sûreté du Québec invites children to visit their official website, designed by the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec.

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 Go on road without reflective clothing is gambling with life Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The darker clothing walker chooses the harder it is for approaching drivers in time and safely reacts to his presence. Movement on the road in dark clothes without reflective accessories is gambling with life.

Totally inappropriate colors are black and dark blue. In these cases the visibility of pedestrians is reduced to only a distance of eighteen meters. In case you choose a suitable reflective accessory, whether reflective fabric on clothing or reflective tape, it will increase your visibility and safety to a distance of 200 meters.


"Reflective accessories are optional for now. However, in connection with the amendment of the Law on Road Traffic, this obligation is newly added. But the law has not yet been approved, so come into effect. The requirement to wear reflective accessories counts for pedestrians and time will tell whether it will be in the future with this step even consider cyclists, "said Head of Road Safety pastor Martin.


Monika Stejskalova, a young mother of Sobeslavi, the risk of trying to consistently decrease. "Reflective elements we have the stroller. When visibility is worse, rather Matyska year old son wear the jackets with reflective strips or we have a reflective vest, "says twenty-three female.


It is recommended to use reflective elements so that the illuminated pedestrian or cyclist was designated to the middle of the road in the direction of motion. I.e. so that the driver can see how much the roadway pedestrian or cyclist hits. Pedestrians should be placed reflective tape around the ankle and wrist. The idea is to choose clothing from such manufacturer that has reflective colors incorporated in the individual parts of the clothing. The location is then but to check whether these elements that is part of the clothing, we covered such as a backpack.



"This year, we recorded a total of 29 collisions with bicycles and 14 with a pedestrian," looked into the records of the Transport Inspectorate chief in Camp John Rychtecky.


From a statistical point of view, in reduced visibility often clashes with cyclist because they mostly move straight on the road. By law, the cyclist required when driving in poor visibility light front lamp with white light and rear lamp with light red or flashing red light. If the road enough or continuously lit, the cyclist can be used instead of the headlamp flashlight with flashing white light. "Of course, we encourage all cyclists to enjoy more reflective elements, which greatly increases their visibility," says Jan Rychtecky.

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 Learn to share the road in town Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Like every Sunday, find our Sunday section "On the Road", along with the list of controls for the coming week.


Motorists, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians ... In the city, it is important to follow some rules to share the road.



- Walk on sidewalks or shoulders if they exist.

- Take the walkways, there is a fire or not, when they exist within 50 meters.

- If there is no pedestrian crossing within 50 meters, cross at a place where the view is unobstructed.

- Be careful if you are traveling with headphones in their ears, be careful when crossings.



- Respect the signs.

- Take the trails and bike lanes where they exist.

- Do not position yourself in the blind spots of other vehicles, never stop in the mirrors of a truck.

- Do not shave parked vehicles.

- Go visible: maintain your lights and wear a yellow reflective safety vest if needed (mandatory outside built overnight).



- Make your retro controls, check your blind spot.

- Observe the safety distances and adjust your speed.

- Do not neglect to put your turn signal, it is mandatory.

- A pedestrian who engages in a floor crossing the priority.

- You do not have priority when traveling in a meeting area or zone.



- Adjust your speed and anticipate your braking distance longer than that of a car.

- Make yourself visible by wearing colorful reflective safety vest with reflective fabric.

- Do not position yourself in the blind spots of other vehicles and do not shave parked vehicles.

- Do not weave between cars, do not change the file unexpectedly.

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 Testing the Chinastars Bike reflective Jacket Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Through a unique reflective fabric, Chinastars Bike Jacket offers maximum visibility in low light conditions.

The designers are dedicated to the implementation of this corporate philosophy is to "give the best of oneself" to give birth to totally amazing sporting goods for triathlon, cycling, running, swimming, training and even for your entertainment!


In 2014, the brand breaks new ground in rain and reflective equipment. It is true that being visible when driving at night, or even just in low light conditions is a concern for most cyclists. Whether for commuting or night workouts after work for the brave, be seen by other road users is something to take seriously. With this security objective Sugoi launched its reflective range which includes the Zap Bike Jacket.


This jacket is made of 60% polyester, 15% polyurethane and 25% reflective material (Micro-Glass Beads in English or translated as "glass beads"). For the jacket is fully reflective, the brand has chosen to leave the usual reflective strips aside for the benefit of many small raised dots distributed on all sides of the garment. This technological fabric is called Pixel.

In addition to being visible at night when artificial light is directed towards her, the jacket is fully waterproof and windproof. It is also equipped with zip front with waterproof sealed seams and a back pocket with a velcro making easy access even with gloves. This is extended to the rear to better cover the back against splashes of the rear wheel. Inside the jacket is lined with a net creating a breathable appearance. The collar of the jacket is lined with a softer polyester to prevent irritation of the neck. Sugoi used for this jacket technology "Semi fit" that offers a slim fit jacket for not having a flag effect or parachute, but to be loose enough to wear layers of clothing under it.


During the trial period, we have seen the effectiveness of reflective materials. We were able to conduct training rides in the fog, rain, snow and even at night safely. The reflection of light is increased when the jacket is wet with a gloss phenomenon, which is also beneficial since weather conditions where visibility is most restricted are particularly wet conditions. Speaking of moisture, Zap Bike Jacket is remarkably seal. It is possible to drive several hours, without the water passes through the membrane, however that said very waterproof, breathable said little. Indeed, the moisture released by the body tends to remain inside the jacket. We can still see the positive because even if you end up wet, the jacket keeps the correct temperature. This allowed us to roll by -2 degrees with a simple technical breathable shirt with long sleeves under the jacket. Adverse weather conditions are regularly accompanied by cold, lack of efficacy for breathable party shall not prevent the garment from being a really nice product to wear during training rides.

For those who also use the Zap Bike Jacket for commuting in town, no reflective strips and privacy glass beads into the fabric makes the jacket Pixel quite trivial and unobtrusive. It is therefore possible to walk into town during the day without being compared to a lamppost, or have the feeling of working for a public service! It is available in black or red for even more discretion or color Super Nova (test color) for those who love the colors that have pep!


To conclude the Chinastars Jacket is available in sizes S to XXL in three colors for $ 122.54 Euros. The Chinastars Jacket is also available in Women in Black or Pink Super, more information pls refer to www.chinareflective.com

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 Quality control of protective clothing with reflective fabric Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

"Particularly welcome are Einnäher and applications of reflective jackets, as with references to material quality, or other things like spine labels, identify the reflective material as a firefighting garment," says Wild rube. The "raw material" is replaced by the project group Germany. "First there was skepticism, but now our products are well received and it has become common knowledge that we up cycle old reflective protective clothing," says Banner. Before the protective clothing can be processed, they will be frozen and dry-cleaned to kill bacteria and remove dirt.

Use safety jackets also come from Berlin

All garments that arrive in the new workshop are first broken down into the tailor shop into its individual parts. "Naked" material, reflective stripes and Einnäher, even carabineer (of discarded jackets for example, from Berlin) are stored separately. From the pool, the staff then conjures up the bags. The fabric of a jacket is enough for an iPad case and about 20 iPhone Cases and various key chains.

Crime writer Andreas Richter helped the team of Hindi @ pp in the advertising copy for flyer and website. "A lot of support and a lot of friendship prices have helped us in our professional image," sums Banner. The responsible seamstress and six employees of tailoring have now thanks to "Hindi @ PP" to do well. The latest trend is for example an iPad case from the reflective fabric of old orange safety jackets. "And with our ideas, we are still far from the end," says Diana Strohbusch.

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