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As the largest manufacturer of reflective fabric and safety vest in China, we'll share with you the latest fashion trends & news on reflective products.
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- reflective safety vest
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- Children received reflective walking hoses
- Policewomen in reflective vest visited preschoolers
- Policemen call for caution and adherence to safe driving rules
- Policemen handed out reflective vest to pedestrians
- Reflective vests for students of the whole commune

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- Reflective fabric
- Safety vest
 Man shot dead by police Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The case dates back to Saturday night in the seventh arrondissement of Lyon. The officer wearing reflective safety vest with reflective fabric who opened fire had acted in "self-defense of others."

It does now little doubt the police officer who shot a man 42 years Saturday night in the seventh arrondissement of Lyon has acted in "self-defense of others." As a reminder, at the material time, the forties was beating violently and repeatedly his mother, aged 71.


Alerted by neighbors, police tried unsuccessfully to open the door to this apartment on Rue Saint-Jerome. Walking around the building, the security forces have however been able to perceive the seriousness of looking under a metal curtain. One of the five officers on site then attempted to use a taser Taser kind to neutralize the aggressor, but without success. The officer then drew his gun and fired two shots.


Addict and schizophrenic


Hit, the man continued to hound her mother, and finally collapsed in the fourth shot. The forties had serious psychiatric history and had recently stayed at Vinatier. His mother, hospitalized (21 days ITT) has even described as a drug addict and schizophrenic.


On Monday, in comments reported by the newspaper Le Progres, the County Director of Public Safety of the Rhone, Albert Doutre, wearing his reflective uniform claimed to have "belief" that the police "acted in accordance with the need to rescue a person in Danger ", ensuring the passage policeman opened fire from his" support "his" opinion "and" trust. "

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 Police encourage cyclist to be light up with reflective tapes Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Grand Poitiers prefecture organize the campaign "I ride bike and it shows" to encourage cyclists to light up themselves with reflective tapes.

 All week, the municipal police and the national police will multiply operations lighting control cyclists on the streets of Poitiers. The urban community and the prefecture are associated for five years in this campaign "I ride bike and it shows," to inform cyclists on the need to provide a lighting device and reflective tapes. "Last year, the campaign had reached 400 cyclists," said Jerome Harnois, director of the office of the prefect. The police did not draw up the offense, but will distribute information kits that remind all that it is good to know when you want to make themselves look good.
This is required all the time, and a white light to the front reflector, a light and a red reflector to the rear of the reflectors in the orange and orange pedals on each wheel. If you do not have it, the fine is 11 euros.

It is mandatory out of town: a reflective safety vest.

It is recommended: a helmet, tight trouser bright, reflective tires with reflective tape and a safety reflector cuff.

As part of this campaign, the Velocity 86 and Workshop Small tray holding two bikes rides today at 15h and 20h combination ... if the weather is mild.

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 Reflective jacket won the second prize on exhibition Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

"You win for sure!" - That was our slogan on the landscaping 2014 in Nuremberg. In addition to our extensive journals offer there was also something to win for your industrial security. Now the winners have been announced.


At the special exhibition area in Hall 3A - Tree Care and Tree climbing and our TASPO stand in Hall 4 many raffle tickets were completed and put into our batch boxes.


TASPO Tree newspaper and free worker thank all participants and visitors to our stands.


The winners were:

1st Prize - Arborist protection trousers: Michael Laub from Sindelfingen

2nd Prize - Fleece jacket with reflective tapes: Marcel Kirchner from Bremen

3rd prize - Stretch Flex Gloves: Georg Müller from White Mountain

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 Accidents in series in Hasnon: keep reflective Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Thursday in the town hall Hasnon, General Councillor Robin Aymeric, Mayor Yannick Nison and technicians of the Department took stock after three accidents at the same crossroads in recent weeks, and the victims are all without wearing reflective safety vest.

Three accidents, 3 and 8 October and November 8, occurred on the RD 40 to Hasnon between St. Amand Wallers where inputs and outputs are connected to the A23. The most seriously injured escaped with a fracture of the chest, but each time, the violence of the shock could have had more serious consequences.


"We do not want a second accident" said Aymeric Robin. The General Counsel then referred to bypass the village near Hazebrouck, an issue that has long trailed until the mayor to let life, March 18, 2006, broke on the national death. This means if the elect took "consciousness the expectations." Including the mayor of Hasnon, Yannick Nison had already alerted the Department on the dangerousness of the axis. "Yes, the project is enrolled in the departmental curriculum for ten years, but budgets are limited, there were other priorities, recognizes Aymeric Robin. We lost decade. It's a shame that it took three accidents to restart the record. "


A roundabout instead of traffic lights


The project plans to re-develop the two outputs of motorways around a roundabout. And why not lights with reflective tapes from Petite-Foret to Auchan? "It's such a good idea, provides general counsel. Car traffic Hasnon is more important. It would take six lights and synchronize without they generate files onto the motorway: it would have been almost impossible. "Too bad, because it would have been faster and cheaper, in five months, it was done." The cost of the roundabout is he estimated at between 1 and 1.5 million. And it will unfortunately not for tomorrow.


At least eight months of impact studies will be needed. The new regulations on wildlife have hardened. Land acquisitions will also be conducted. "We cannot launch the declaration of public utility for a year and a half", provides Aymeric Robin, who announces, at best, "the operational phase to the end of 2016".


That said, roads services, based in Saint-Amand, provide, from the beginning of 2015, pruning and development works to mitigate the emergency. What should we hope for mitigating risk?


Emergency work in January


Meanwhile the roundabout, service departmental roads will activate in January to improve signage and visibility at this intersection by installing reflective stripes on the road. "We will better define the highway exits, explains Aymeric Robin and improve visibility." If nothing immediately will not break the mound effect partly masks the RD40, the Department will remove or move, Chapel side directional signs that hide the view and prune shrubs and hedges.


Reflective tape on the floor


As for the lack of lighting (blasted by a victim of November 8, pictured), impossible to streetlights here, because of the Charter that protects the Scarpe-Scheldt regional park. Also, the solution, which will be implemented, will be adding reflective tape on the floor. "At night, we see the lights, but sometimes it is hard to evaluate distances," says the General Counsel.


Other arrangements could intervene to help break the speed is limited here, remember, 60 km / h. The best advice, ultimately, at this crossroads is "be careful", says Aymeric Robin. One might add: your foot!

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 Road safety of children secured by reflective tape Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In the dark November many accidents happen at bus stops: Most can be avoided. A traffic police expert gives tips for school children.


Security - The alarm clock is ringing not, he screams ... the Beast sounds even louder than usual, and there it is darker than in the tunnel... Please ... just doze off for half an hour! But the school has no mercy. And so it abounds in the gloomy November outside of tired children - and yawning motorists. This is a dangerous mix. But on the other hand you can do what. One only has to dare to be uncool.


Be brave, contract a reflective safety vest!


The elementary school students are usually smarter than the older children. They wear bright reflective safety vests or collar, so that they may be seen in the darkness of the motoring public. In the fifth graders it begins "because it is suddenly embarrassed to shine," says Wilhelm Aufmhof, road safety consultant of the Essenes police. "But you have to be brave just once as a child and shrug when others laugh." Even in older children, parents should insist that they wear bright hi vis jackets, scarves, hats and fluorescent reflective strips on the backpack.


Accidents happen in the dark season just at the bus stops. Many can be avoided if motorists to watch out twice - and children crass behave differently than usual: Just make it like the English, which are always in a neat row at the bus stop. That sounds boring. But the pushing and shoving and catching games on the curb are not fun, but dangerous. No one would ever but the idea to push the edge of a deep ravine ... Before roads should have the same respect. "I repeat constantly: Cars are no fluff balls," says security expert. And drivers cannot see light. Therefore, never cross the street in front of or behind the bus. Always wait until the bus has departed!


On the jostling in the bus all the kids would probably like to do without. But the buses and trains are usually crowded. Now what? Quickly find a firm stand, preferably behind a barrier. In the hallway, you should hold you with both hands. And maybe remember that loud screech makes the driver nervous. But he is just a man ... Or you can focus you well when you cry 50 people in his ear?

Bus drivers must not rush


Sometimes, however, the bus driver is the bogeyman. Some rush like crazy because they want to remain on schedule. The security expert advises the police not to speak to the driver directly. Remember this better the line and the time and ask your teacher or parents to complain to the bus company.


Basically road is very simple: You just always (ie EVERY second!) Eyes and ears don’t stop. But the ears are a major problem for some years: More and more accidents happen because kids wear headphones on the street. Since parents have to stay tough: Knöppe from the ear!

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